Thursday, May 19, 2011

Grandpa's Compliment

I love my grandpa so VERY much!  Whenever we were visiting my grandparents, my grandpa would always have a second shadow.  I would follow him around a lot!  I loved to hear his stories and just be with him.  My favorite memory is eating Thanksgiving dinner together sitting on the piano bench.  Every year we would share the most awkward eating spot.  But I loved it!  Check out "The Lost Chord" which includes videos of grandpa singing and also "3rd Generation BYU Alumni" to see a picture of all of us.  Both of these posts were from last summer but still great!

Grandpa is getting old though.  He has dementia.  Possibly Alzheimer's but the only way that can actually be diagnosed is through an autopsy.  So that we are just grateful that the Alzheimer's is remaining undiagnosed at the moment.  Some times when I see him, he can't remember my name or who I am.  I tell him and he always responds with "oh yeah that's right."  He will ask the silliest questions sometimes.  And then 5 minutes later, he asks the same question again.

Well, today after my interview finished, I went in to my grandparents' home.  My mom was visiting and it wasn't too far away from where I was at.  So I figured it would be a party.  :)

I walk in the front door and Grandma calls me skinny.  It was cute.  Then I go over and sit by grandpa on the couch.  He then asks me, "Have you lost weight?"  (Wow!  I'm honestly surprised he noticed.  Today must have been an up day.  I was just hoping he would connect that I am Lisa and his *favorite* granddaughter--ha,ha... j/k.  I bet most of my cousins feel like his favorite!  He is just like that!)  I tell him yes--70 pounds.
"Wow... [shakes head in disbelief while making a sigh type noise] You don't look so fat!"
Ha, ha, ha... I had to laugh.  What a compliment! :D

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