Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Happy Hot Dogs!

With BBQ season right around the corner now, I thought I would share a great low calorie find that is perfect on the grill! :)  I know a lot of people don't really like hot dogs--or at least several people complain about them.  I actually happen to enjoy them.  :D  But considering 1 hot dog (plain... no bun, sauces or anything) has on average between 130-180 calories, it is not exactly something I would run out and eat all the time right now.  I was missing hot dogs and wondering if there was any healthy options.  I checked both turkey dogs and and light dogs; both have about 90-100 calories a dog.  Definitely an improvement but still not the greatest.  And then I found Oscar Mayer 98% Fat-Free Wieners....  They tip the scale at a low 40 calories per hot dog.  With a find this great--I could even eat two and still be under the calorie count for one regular!

I decided to try some and was lucky enough to be able to buy a package on sale for $0.99!!  A great price considering they are normally way more than that because they are fat-free.  (Everything low calorie, fat-free, and/or healthy is always normally more expensive... ugh!)  Well, I am pleased to announce that they are delicious!!  They cooked the same and looked the same on the grill.  I then tried a bite plain and honestly enjoyed it and thought it tasted just like a different variety of hot dogs (you know how every brand tastes slightly different but they are all hot dogs--that is how I feel about these!).  And then once I added grilled peppers & onions, fat-free mayo, and reduced sugar ketchup to my hot dog bun, it was just like any ordinary hot dog!  Plus as an added bonus, these hot dogs are bun length so every bite is filled with a tasty 98% fat-free bite and bun instead of just bun alone! :)

I am looking forward to summer BBQs and camping because I can still enjoy a summertime classic!
P.S.  I'm still trying to find a good low calorie hot dog bun option.  So far... I've got nothin'.  So instead we picked the one that was high in fiber.  From researching online though, I have found some low calorie options but apparently our Wal-Mart doesn't carry it.  I may have to try the Wonder Bread Store, Macey's and/or Sunflower's Market.

P.P.S.  I don't know if other brands make fat free hot dogs or not.  My guess is yes.  And I am willing to try those in the future if they are on sale and Oscar Mayer isn't.  I'm sure they have all got to be equally yummy!


Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.

Tricia said...

We found some Sandwich Thins hot dog buns the other day. 100% whole wheat and 100 calories. I don't know how many calories regular ones have, but these have much less bread.