Friday, May 6, 2011

Highlighting the Postive

A super brief update on why my life is amazing!!!

  • I got a positive e-mail from the principal I interviewed with on Tuesday!  I need to e-mail her back a few things.
  • This morning started with a good, sweaty workout and I loved it.  I have missed the feel the burn moments with the terrible headache I had the past few days.
  • I get to work as a long term sub till the end of the school year.  I get free lunch everyday as an added bonus! :)  I don't have to stalk subfinder any more.  Fortunately the classes I'm long term subbing for are filled with wonderful students!
  • While I was at school, I got a sweet text from my darling sweetheart.  It was a nice reminder to hear that he loves me.
  • Casey surprised me by going and doing all of the wash.  He is amazing--I know and I'm SO blessed!
  • I found some random money in a pocket of some of my capri's.  Love it when that happens--it is like free money!  (Maybe I will have to purposefully leave money in seasonal clothing items in the future when I put them away...)
  • My BYU Alum shirt finally fits!  Good news because I lost enough weight but great news because I'm Cougar Alumni and can now show it off!  This is probably my favorite navy blue shirt now! ;)
  • I tried sugar free Hawaiian Punch for the first time today and thought it was delicious!  I'm a huge water guzzler but might have to invest in some of these for an occasional change.
  • Today was date night! :D  We went to Red Lobster--spent exactly $20 (our limit).  Casey ate crab legs for the first time.  The more focused we became on cracking open the legs, the quieter our conversation became.  It was kind of funny!
  • I love crab legs so it was a tasty treat! :)  And I learned today that I like them even when they are not drowning in butter.
  • After our super long meal, we walked up and down a trail a long the river.  The weather was perfect.  We held hands.  And there is lots of water!!
  • It is time for bed!  And I love getting to go to bed together--yeah for no school for Casey right now!

I definitely find the more I look for the good things in life the more I find them.  I'm sure you will too, if you look! :)

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Really Gr8 ! Thanks For sharing..