Sunday, May 29, 2011

How to Celebrate 18 Months

I love celebrating the little things!  Life is meant to be enjoyed!! :)

But... this celebration was not a little thing.
We are talking about 18 months of being married...
(we only have an eternity left to go--so glad that never changes!)
AND... this was the first "big" anniversary where neither of us were in school.
We had to celebrate!

And so we had an all day date and it was wonderful!
...Starting with breakfast...
This is kind of hard to see but I made Egyptian Eggs in the shape of the Salt Lake Temple!
BTW: there is fruit in the bread--not giant burnt spots!
Then we went RING shopping!  I love it! :)
P.S. I love how you can see Casey's ring too... he was trying to block the sun/ glare.
Next on the agenda was going on a drive.  Driving isn't so bad when I'm the passenger and I get a free kiss every time the light changes to red! :D

On to lunch.  We stopped at Wendy's and got a summer berry salad.  (Sidenote: the salad was just released and holy cow it is DELICIOUS and I am 100% in love--the dressing is the best.  We are definitely going back!!!!!!)  And then we took the food to a beautiful park with a pond and had a picnic.
My sunglasses look HUGE...
It was a little chilly but not a bad day considering it wasn't raining.
Next on the agenda was trying to find parking downtown.  That in and of itself is an event! ;)

And then we wandered around Living Traditions Festival.  It was great!  (And free!)  We watched several ethnic dances and walked around and saw lots cultural art displays.  Casey enjoyed a crepe from some country which I don't remember.  There was so much ethnic food.  We should have skipped salads at Wendy's and just eaten at the festival... but we didn't know.
The sun was really bright.  And we have almost forgotten what it was.
My part burned really bad and Casey's face.  But totally worth it! :)
Finally... what anniversary celebration would be complete without a trip to the temple.  I love being able to go back to the same place we were married!  We were even able to sit and ponder on "our" couch.  (So it obviously is not "ours" but it was the same couch we sat and waited on to be married and therefore has special meaning to us!)
This was taken before we changed our clothes.
I love the beautiful tulips!
Oh... and I know it looks tacky--
but I LOVE being able to finally tie my jacket around my waist!   I don't have to carry it! :D
We went out to eat at Olive Garden.  It was romantic and the food was very, VERY good!  (I even found a very healthy choice! Yes!)  The service wasn't the greatest but whatever... we enjoyed being together!
We were both so tired by this point.  We probably sat down around 8 or later--normally we eat around 5-6!
And then what day would be complete without a trip to Wal-Mart.  This is how you know you are married instead of dating.  We had to buy some things to eat for dinner the next day (it was Sunday so shopping was out of the option).

Followed by a crazy long drive home.  The freeway was more like a parking lot.  We doubled/ tripled the time it took to come home by being stuck on the freeway.  Casey sang "Just the Way You Are" to me when it came on the radio.  And then I took a nice long nap!

We had a fabulous time together!  Celebrating being together!  And the best part is each day keeps getting better!  Eighteen months ago, I never could have dreamed I would be this much in love and so happy.  Although I loved our wedding day, each day really does keep getting better.  I can't wait to feel the joy and love that comes when we celebrate 50 years of marriage! 
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