Thursday, May 26, 2011

Its *almost* bacon!

Ok... so I don't think anything can actually compare to real bacon.  It is hard to match.  But, I just tried some Jennie-O Extra Lean Turkey Bacon and I would eat it again.  Not my favorite thing ever but considering it has 20 calories a slice and normal bacon has ~110 calories a slice--its not so bad.  I read the instructions for how to make it crisp (my favorite way to eat it) and was trying to get mine to cook until crisp but kind of became impatient and just ate it anyway.

Don't buy this thinking it is going to taste like real bacon because it doesn't.  But for me, eating real bacon is totally out so this is a nice alternative!

I love it pan fried with cooking spray on it!  It goes nice a crisp--if you are patient.  I also enjoy it cold (it is pre-cooked) and cut up on a salad.  It tastes great in soups, on sandwiches, for breakfast... ok so I guess basically, I just like it! :)
P.S. Using this with the egg beaters makes an EXCELLENT quiche!! :)  Stay tuned for the recipe!!

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