Friday, May 13, 2011

Its just like Riding a Bike

Our First Married Bike Ride!!  And you thought we were done with the married first things… LoL!

I have always heard the phrase, “it is just like riding a bike.”  And once you know how, it is easy to get back on.  I wasn’t so sure.  I’m pretty sure the last time I was on a bike was in elementary school—maybe junior high but I really don’t think so.  That is like 10 + something years ago since I was riding on a bike.  We decided in part of my new healthy living lifestyle, that we were going to get our bikes up and going and start riding again.  (Casey has only been off a bike for a couple of years—he was in bike areas many times on his mission.)

At first I was shaky.  I wasn’t exactly sure how to balance and go and pedal and etc.  But it all worked.  And somehow, I just knew and started riding again.  I didn’t even fall.  My bike is slightly (ok… really, REALLY) embarrassing—at least the brakes are.   Um, pretty sure brakes are not supposed to squeak ridiculously loud every time you barely press them.  Hopefully that somehow improves!  (Ideas anyone?)

Although I knew how to ride, it does not mean it was easy.  I was winded pretty fast.  We live near some steep mountains (like almost at the base) and there are lots of hills in our neighborhood.  I thought we picked fairly flat roads to travel on for our first ride but um no… the hills were killing and I had to stop and take a break after only being on for a short distance.  Fortunately, we were at a park and there were water fountains all around.

We then traveled to BYU and biked all over campus.  It was deserted; it was so strange.  We would stop and look at flowers (and I would catch my breath) or stop near a building (and I would get a drink).  We even found a new picnic area with a beautiful stream/ picnic area.  We saw the cutest little ducklings!!!

Anyway, if you happen to see me in person anytime soon, don’t mind me if I’m walking a little bow-legged or icing my palms.  I am SO sore but it is all part of the bike riding experience.  I sure hope I adjust quickly though! :)


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