Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Latest on the Job Hunt

The interview that went so incredibly well over a month ago, is still waiting.  The school must have other priorities than hiring--like maybe registration or something.  So who knows what is happening with that.  But, that job is only part time so I have mixed feelings on the matter for it.

My interview from 1 week ago, is waiting as well.  But I don't think it will be a month long wait like the other school.  That job is required to be posted for so many days on the district job board.  I think as soon as it reaches the requirement, something will happen.  I will either be hired or I won't but I won't just keep waiting.  So that it good news for it.  Also good news for this school, is they contacted some of my references.  So, they obviously really did like me.  And I keep hoping that is a good sign.  This is a full time position so that would be great!  The only bad thing here is that I would be the only FACS teacher.  And we would have to move because the commute would be too long.

This coming Friday, I have an interview at a high school that is 10 minutes from our apartment right now.  The distance would be so very nice!!  We will see how that goes but hopefully my interview will be fabulous!

I just applied to work at the high school I student taught at.  So hopefully that would give me a little bit of an in and it is not too far from our apartment.  I could commute without having to move.  And I also applied for a random high school.  It is kind of far away--aka moving time if I worked there but it would be totally doable.

At least there are options and jobs available!! :)  For awhile, I thought the only job was going to be a 2 hour drive one way (after we moved making Casey have to have a super long commute too) to the middle of no where... clear out in Timbuktu practically.  So at least more teachers are retiring/ quitting/ creating openings for me... :) And we keep waiting and praying and hoping and waiting.  I just want to know what I will be doing and where we will be living.  I sure know our patience is growing from this experience.

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Bridget said...

The job search can be brutal. I am so proud of you for keeping a good attitude. In all reality, it took me 2 1/2 years to find a teaching job after I graduated so I had to turn to other alternatives. I truly hope that you will get a good job, but know that whatever happens will be for the best. It brought me peace to know that the Lord had a hand in what was going on.