Thursday, May 5, 2011

Low Calorie Horchata

Yes, it is Cinco de Mayo!  And yes, horchata is AMAZING... but I'm on a mission this week to hit a milestone at the weigh in on Monday.  (Not exactly an easy feat considering I haven't exercised for 3 days now because my head hurts so bad.  I'm doing good to walk and not get dizzy... no thanks to jumping up and down and jostling my head all over the place.  But I think I'm going to try tomorrow because I have been feeling way better today!!!  YEAH!  Anyway...)

So, I had to figure out a low calorie alternative that would leave me feeling satisfied and in control my my choices.  Drinking a glass of nearly 400 calorie horchata (yes folks, that is the approximate amount from the Horchata Recipe I posted earlier today.  The stuff is loaded!!) is not exactly in my food budget.  But not to fear... this recipe is amazing too (and amazing for your calorie bank!)

1 c. unsweetened vanilla almond breeze (the kind that has 40 calories per 8 oz)
~2 t. splenda (to taste for desired sweetness)
1/8 t. vanilla extract
1/8 t. ground cinnamon (ok so I kind of like to use a little bit more)
Dash of nutmeg
Ice Cubes

Blend all ingredients together.  Shake/ blend/ stir very well.  Serve over ice.

Enjoy your ~44 calorie Horchata drink... celebrate Cinco de Mayo... and be in control of what you eat! :)

BTW: this is really good with fat free cool whip served on top (regular horchata too) and sprinkled with a little cinnamon for decoration--just add the extra calories! :)  Oh and also note: rice milk would probably taste more similar to the original horchata but the almond milk is way lower calorie than rice milk so it won.  And it tastes great!!!

HAPPY {healthy} CINCO DE MAYO!!!! :D

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Cheatham76 said...

Sounds yummy! Going to try this low calorie version, thanks so much!