Wednesday, May 25, 2011

No more wasted Yolks

Yes, the title of this post is very fitting.  For awhile now, I used to throw away egg yolks.  Sometimes I would give mine to Casey.  But I always felt so wasteful.

There is a solution!  Introducing Egg Beaters!  1/4 c. (equivalent to 1 egg) has 30 calories and whereas regular eggs have ~90 calories.  (1 egg white has ~17 calories which is equivalent to 1/8 c. egg beaters or 15 calories.)  I have noticed that this does not brown as well/ takes longer to cook.  But I have eaten scrambled eggs, frittatas, german pancakes, french toast, and even just used it in recipes as a binder and I love it!  This was a wonderful find and something I imagine I will keep our fridge stocked with.

BTW: Regular egg beaters actually have lower calorie than the egg white beaters.  The serving size is different so everyone would assume the egg whites are better but tablespoon for tablespoon, the original kind is lower.  And (honestly) the regular egg beaters probably are mostly all egg whites but with yellow dye added.

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