Friday, May 27, 2011

Planning CTE

As I laid awake last night at 2:45 am, I decided on a new rule.  No lesson planning or organizing or anything after dinner.  I am already so excited to be a first year teacher but not after dinner.  If I do work on something into the evening then it keeps me up all night because I can't stop thinking about it.

Yesterday, I made my scope and sequence for my 7th graders while Casey was making me a personalized teacher calendar.  Isn't he the best?!  These kids are going to have a blast!  Just in case you are not familiar with the CTE program, basically it introduces kids to as many careers as possible.  They rotate between FACS, technology and shop throughout the year.  It is meant to wet their feet, not be an in-depth experience.  The hope is they will figure out what they like and then take more classes on that in the future to help build skills and prepare the students for life.  Even while I have them with FACS, they rotate through several different stations and activities.

To start they year, I am going to introduce foods and nutrition by demonstrating peanut butter playdough (this is the BEST thing ever--1. you can play with your food and 2. it teaches all of the measuring techniques!  Yes!!) and then the kids will be making smoothies (maybe Orange Julius--I need to find a fabulous/ healthy smoothie recipe to talk about the Food Pyramid with), easy cheesy enchiladas (reaching out to my large minority group), oreo cakesters and then they will take turns working in a restaurant/ being customers for pizza pockets.  Doesn't that already sound amazing?

We then will switch gears by taking off our aprons and focusing on play.  Play is how preschool children learn best.  This section will include safety tips, health info and stress levels (kind of funny--I told you everything gets thrown in so fast for these kids!) as well as making file folder games and planning our own preschool.  Then (hopefully) we will be able to have a preschool experience for a day--depends if my principal will approve it.

Next it is on to sewing.  I'm fairly certain I will be teaching my students how to make travel sized pillows  (Hoping my budget is large enough to pay for all that stuffing!) and pillow cases.  While I was student teaching we did locker hangers (which I might offer for extra credit to fast sewers who need something to do) and I have heard of dish towel aprons, hot pads, etc... but I like the pillows the best so that is my thought so far.  This will also include wool bracelets (I need to figure out how to order these) and a glimpse of different fibers and doing laundry.

Finally we will end up this rotation by learning about the family and making a family crest.  Learning about the Smart Home, economics, resources, independent living, and a few other really random topics.  And then the class will be over.  My darling 7th graders will rotate on to the next CTE section and I will have the opportunity to start all over again.  Yeah!  I love that part because the lesson planning will already be DONE!!! :D

And... here is the best part, I am going to make packets and stamp kids off.  This means less paper work for me and more prep period will be spent prepping things instead of grading. :)
P.S. Sorry if reading my general lesson plan was boring... it is consuming my life and thoughts.  And (in case you couldn't tell) I'm so excited about it!  Yipeeee!!!
I get to be a teacher! :D

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