Monday, May 16, 2011

Planning for Happy Tummies

So remember like a month ago when I jumped back on the meal planning and price matching band wagon?  Well, I'm here to tell you it is working.  I'm not going shopping as often (saving money) and we are using better what we already have (saving money) and dinner is actually something I look forward to now instead of dreading standing in front of the cupboard wondering what I should make and then nothing looks good (happy tummies).

Meal planning is definitely something I'm going to have to teach my advanced foods classes. (assuming I'm hired at that school.  If the principal only knew all the things I continue to keep thinking about and planning for the teaching job I interviewed for.  Other things I want to do include instead of having an end of the year boring test review, we are going to have a college survival lab--or few labs--and use that as a review instead.  I'm going to increase faculty support by having the students take samples to other teachers.  I'm planning how to figure out luncheons by teaching about soups and freezer meals.  Seriously... please hire me.  The opening at the school I interviewed for this past Friday has filled me with excitement the more I keep thinking and dreaming about it.  I just hope I was able to convey that to the principal!!!  Anyway... that is not the point of this post!)

A brief lesson on how I meal plan.  First of all, I kind of take a quick inventory of our cupboard/ fridge/ freezer and see what needs to be eaten up and what we already have.  I also quickly kind of glance at the ads for the week and see what is on sale.  Meaning, if shrimp is on the front page and killer price somewhere then I'm going to look for shrimp recipes for the coming week.  And then this is the fun part (and what takes the longest).  I get out my favorite recipe book(s) and just start reading through them.  Confession: I love reading through cook books!  I see something that I like the looks of and we already have a lot of the items for it/ there are good sales for a lot of the items that week.  I try and guess how much it will make and plan leftovers into the calendar--that part is sometimes difficult and not accurate.  I make a shopping list while I'm filling out the calendar and then go back and search the ads after my shopping list is complete to price match everything.

So what is the plan for this week?  I'm excited!! :D

Yesterday--Caribbean Island Shrimp & Brown Rice
Tonight--Homemade Quiche with Brownies for FHE treat
Tuesday--leftovers (probably).  If not something super fast/ easy because I will be getting home late from my call back (watch me teach) 2nd interview.  FYI: this is not the school I just talked about dreaming to teach all the foods classes at.  This call back is at a different school.  Just so you can keep everything straight! ;)
Wednesday--Pumpkin Enchiladas with Spanish Rice
Thursday--BBQ Mango Tilapia and Apple Slaw Salad
Friday--Homemade Chili and Cornbread Muffins
Saturday--leftovers (no idea what... something in the fridge)
Next Sunday--Crockpot Tamale Pie (and probably a fruit of some sort--maybe I will make a jello salad)
Next Monday--Pigs in a Blanket with vegetable sticks and Cinnamon Rolls for FHE treat

BTW: in case you are wondering, all of the recipes mentioned above are found in one of the "Hungry Girl" books.  I love them because I finally feel like I'm eating again and not just dieting!

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