Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Today I'm waiting...

Waiting for it to be tomorrow...
Or maybe waiting for the next day.

Waiting for a return phone call from a principal.
Or actually waiting for two principals at two different schools.

Waiting to know if I will be offered a job.
Or (gasps) hopefully waiting for two offers and then I can pick.

Waiting to influence the future by teaching at my dream school.
Or perhaps my dream will change based on who hires me.

Waiting to plan life.
Waiting for the phone to ring.

P.S. In case my poetic language only makes sense to me... I will interpret it for you.  I have two principals right now that promised to call me sometime this week.  One was hoping to let me know either today (it came and went with no call) or tomorrow and the other was shooting for either tomorrow or Friday.  I know both principals were impressed with me.  I only hope I was good enough to be the best at one of the schools so when they call me, they will be offering me a job instead of saying sorry good luck somewhere else.  It would be SUPER nice if both principals liked me and offered me jobs.  Then I could choose where I want to work. But I would honestly be grateful with one.  I do have a preference though and have been hoping and praying for my dream school.  So until this week is up and phone calls are received, I keep waiting.  Jumping every time I get a call and hoping.

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Bossy said...

I know exactly what you mean. I only have one potential job this week, but I am waiting. Waiting to know what my summer will be like. Waiting to know if I need to find a sitter for the kids. Waiting to know if I will be working with my friend or starting in my field. It is so frustrating to just wait for that phone call. Good luck. It sounds like your dream job is just a phone call away. ;)