Monday, May 16, 2011

Week 19 Weigh-In

Ok... so this weigh-in thing seems to be going on for FOREVER!  I don't know if anyone is still interested and following my weight loss journey because lets be honest... 19 weeks is a long time!

It is so strange to think how much I have changed in 4 1/2 months though.  I have lost a lot but honestly gained so much more!!  I have gained smaller clothes and self-esteem and being picked up by my darling sweetheart.  I've gained an appreciation for maintaining a healthy weight in the future and the ability to look at something and guess how many calories are in it.  And, I know I have gained a lot of blog followers--so thank you!! :)

And, just in case you are interested...
-2 pounds

Not the best week but still a step in the right direction.  And as long as I keep making progress, I remind myself that this weight loss journey is not going to go on for forever!!  That is such a strange thought but I'm so excited!  Probably 3ish more months of around -3 pounds a week and I will be at my goal weight.  The end is in sight!


Emily Hone said...

Honey, You are sooo amazing! I Look at your blog and think. Wow! She is sooo happy and you have it all together! Thanks for all your great posts! :)

Lisa said...

Thanks Emily!!! :D Just for your information though... our life is not perfect and sometimes we don't have it all together. Sometimes I feel like it is completely lost. Those moments I rant about in my journal though and save you all from the pain of reading misery! I would rather spread smiles and joy! :)

Aimee said...

That's great! You have really have inspired me... and my husband for that matter. We bring you up in conversations, and have pulled up your blog to show our friends the great work that you have done. So we are definitely interested in your weight loss! Keep it up girl!

Jonessa said...

We need new pictures!! :)

Lisa said...

Wow... Aimee that is a sweet compliment--showing my progress to others!! :) Thanks! And it is nice to know that someone is paying attention too. I really was wondering if this was just beginning to be dragged out too long. Loosing weight takes time though, that's what I have learned!

Jonessa--I just posted a current before and after picture last week! :) check out
to see the latest!