Monday, May 30, 2011

Week 21 Weigh-In

Holy Cow... 21 weeks and still going!

I continue to keep learning about the in = out thing.  We went out to the creamery and I got a child-size ice cream (which ended up being bigger than I thought it would be) and I loved every bite.  I chose my two favorite flavors--mint cookies'n'cream and pralines'n'caramel.  It was in my calorie budget for the day and after we finished I came home and did about 75 squats.  (Just to help the calories start burning instead of sitting.)  And it worked.  I seriously probably ate more food/ sweets this past week than I have for a while but I also burned a lot more calories with extra exercise, bike riding, and trying zumba for the first time.

It was a great week! :D  (finally!)
-5 pounds!!!!

Bringing my total weight loss to date to -76 pounds!

And as a side note:  I have a new love with flexing both my arms and my calfs and then showing Casey! :)  There are actually muscles there and it is amazing to see!!!  He humors me and tells me how impressed he is or something of the sort.  I might have to take a picture of my "guns" ha,ha,ha... LoL!  They still have some work left but really there is a HUGE improvement.  5 months ago, yeah, I'm pretty sure my body didn't even know what muscles were let a lone how to flex!  So much has changed since January... so very much!


Joshua Whitmore said...

Did you like Zumba?

Aimee said...

This has been a good year for you! :) I think it's time for another line up of pictures to show the progress!

Lisa said...

It has been a good year! Loosing weight and getting a full time job. We are very blessed!! :D

I will work on the picture taking thing. :)