Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Apartment Hunting--check! :D

The pieces are all coming together in our lives and we feel so blessed!  Remember when I wrote about how our futures are totally unknown on New Years Eve last year.  I always knew what I was going to do the coming year. Well, this year, I had NO idea!  I didn't know what to expect or what would happen in the future.  I'm the type of person that likes to plan ahead but all the sudden I couldn't.  The future was just unknown!

Well, that uncertainity has stayed with us for 6 months.  And especially for me.  Once I started working as a sub, I did not even know if I would have a job the next day when I would go to bed sometimes.  Planning ahead was completely thrown out the window.

Then with each job interview, I would get so excited and start thinking that maybe this would be where we would live and work and maybe we could finally start planning our lives.  And then the rejection always came and I went back to no idea.  And I kept applying and wondering and living not knowing what would happen.

But now we know.  And everything is fitting smoothly into place.  I have a full time job! :D  I started filling out all my paper work.  My contract is official.  We at least knew where we wanted to start looking for housing.  We kept hoping that everything would fall into place and something would just show up.  And we kept praying.

We were praying to find a place with a dishwasher, washer/ dryer (at least hookups) and 2 bedroom.  I know... kind of a strange prayer but it was important to us because neither of us are going to have time to sit at the laundry mat or hand wash dishes.  If we had both of them in our apartment, the dishes could wash themselves while the laundry is going and while I'm still sitting in my own home doing something entirely different.  Little did Casey know that I was praying to find a place where people shared my same values and standards.  I really, REALLY wanted to find a place where the ward was great and had other young married couples.  But how on earth could I know that when we were looking at apartments?

Monday we came up and spent a very long time looking at apartments.  There were a few that we kind of liked and could probably be happy with but nothing felt right.  And there were a lot that definitely felt wrong and they were crossed off our list.  Then this morning, I was planning on cleaning and straightening things.  Um, lets just say that didn't happen.  And neither did lesson planning.

Instead (and sorry this post is becoming SO long... this paragraph is the WHOLE reason for me writing so hopefully you are still reading... LoL!), I spent the whole morning looking at apartments online.  And a lot of time calling different places and learning more info.  I made a super long list and then kept searching.  And making the list even longer.  Then I found THE apartment.  Strange that I would like it because there were no pictures online.  But when I talked with the manager, I was ready to sign a contract over the phone without even talking to Casey.

There was just a feeling to it and I knew I could be happy here.  It was the same price (actually a little cheaper) than all of the other two bedrooms.  It had TWO covered parking spaces (and by covered I mean it is practically a garage without the door not just a dumb tin roof on the top that lets the snow blow in from all directions).  It has W/D hookups and a dishwasher.  It is on the top floor (no loud noises above me to disturb sleeping).  Huge dining area--shoot huge apartment in general.  Ceiling fans.  Lots of storage.  Full sized fridge and stove.  Big closets.  Convenient location for both of us commuting.  It is perfect.  But the best part, somehow me graduating from BYU came up.  And then the manager told me that she just graduated from BYU as well.  Oh my gosh... wait, say that again?  My personal prayer of finding someone who shared our life situation with our standards came true.

Long story short, we came up and looked at the place.  And we both fell in love.  It is the right place for us right now.  And we are so excited.  We signed a contract and are set to move sometime later this month!  Yipee!!! :D  My unknown piece of where to live now fits nicely into our lives.
Oh and for the record... I did not just fall in love with the place because the manager was LDS.  No.  That was just like a cherry on top of the already amazing brownie ice cream sundae with hot fudge.  The place is exactly what we dreamed we would find.

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Erin Despain said...

Hooray! I'm so excited that you found somewhere to live! (Although I am sad that we won't be in the same ward anymore!)

When do you guys move?