Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Change is Coming

Up till now, moving has not really seemed real.  It is beginning to sink in though with our contract being sold and upon looking at the calendar the realization that we will be saying goodbye to our sweet little home in one week. One week left in our home together.  It is a little sad to be getting a transfer after 18 months of living here.  But Casey reminded me that although we are transferring, we will always be together!  Yipee for never having to switch companions!!! :)

Things I will miss...

  • Milk from the creamery--it is so much fresher and cheaper.  Even if we went shopping somewhere else, we would always stop at the creamery on the way home for milk.
  • Printing papers on campus for super cheap--yup, upon moving, we are going to have to invest in some color ink!
  • Having an air conditioner in our bedroom--it is supposed to get hotter soon and I sure hope our new apartment is able to stay cool!
  • Living in a house--I have loved having our own house.  It truly became our home.  We had our own yard and space.  We are moving to an apartment complex (two flights of carrying groceries, here we come!).
  • Eating at Magleby's Fresh--yum!  Seriously probably one of my favorite restaurants.  We are planning on eating there one last time before we leave and I'm excited! :)
  • Attending a Married Student Ward--yeah, I'm sure family wards are great and we will learn to love the people in our new ward but it has been so nice being with people in our same boat.  There are so many good friends we will miss for sure!
  • Socializing with my sister--so I already knew this wouldn't last for long because she was only living down here for the summer.  But by us moving away, we basically cut our summer time in half.
  • Y Mountain--we live SO close to it.  I love walking out every morning and seeing the Y and reminding me of the school I love the most.  And seeing the Y lit up at night during homecoming week--yeah definitely going to miss that; it is amazing!
  • Riding bikes to the duck pond--so I'm sure there have to be more ducks and hopefully some within a bike ride from our new apartment.  But I am partial to the ducks on campus and will miss them!
Just because change is a constant part of life that doesn't make it any easier.  I'm excited to start a new adventure together (and to have two bedrooms, a washer/ dryer and a dishwasher--all luxuries we have had to deal without).  And I'm excited to be closer to my second best friend--my mom!  (This will be SO nice being closer to our families.)  But I'm still sad to say goodbye.  And as we start packing soon (nope have not started yet), I'm sure the tears will creep up into my eyes.  Since we still have a week left, I'm going to focus on making this the best week ever--filled with countless happy memories and loving our surroundings!



Angie said...

So glad you wrote down what you love about your current place! It helps in saying goodbye. We've moved lots of time and the last time was the first time I had done that. It really helped. Good luck in your new adventures!

Becky said...

Randy and I have lived in 5 different homes together, and when we move into our first OWNED home at the end of July, that'll be 6! But every place becomes your home, and you guys will love it. Good luck packing, wish I could come help! I'm totally pro at it by now!

Lisa said...

@Angie--I didn't know that would be therapeutic but hopefully you are right and it will help. Before we start packing, I'm going to take pictures of everything--just so we can remember! :D

@Becky--thanks! :) This will be our 2nd move but the first was only after being married for a month. We lived in a studio apartment with more things broken then I could list and we had very little stuff because it was SO tiny. It was a VERY happy move and we were not attached to the place. I don't even know where to start with the packing thing....

Anonymous said...

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