Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hike the Y --check!

My Provo experience is complete! :)  Two things you have to do while living here is (1) eat at J-Dawgs and (2) Hike the Y.  It is a must.  Well, I ate my first J-Dawg hot dog a couple months or so ago.  My favorite part was the bun!  AND we just hiked the Y for our date!

I had NO idea how steep up the mountain it was.  I look at the Y everyday, multiple times a day.  It just sits up on the mountain side.  I can always see when there are people on it and I always dreamed it would be me.  And it was.  But getting there was a journey!

From the trail head to the top of the Y, there are 12 switchbacks/ turns.  And you will go up 1074 feet in elevation.  The top of the Y is at 6221!  I was dying by about turn 5.  It was so much harder than I anticipated!  We kept going--just one foot in front of the other.  By turn 7, I was ready to be done.  I wanted to quit and just never hike the Y.  Instead, we sat on a bench, and ate some peanut butter granola bar.  Then we kept treking along.  Finally, we could see the Y.  This was huge because most of the hike you loose sight of the goal but when it came into view, I realized how close we were actually getting.

And you want to know what... eventually we were at the top of the Y.  Not the bottom (I would have been content to just go to the bottom!) but all the way at the top because we missed the turn for the bottom.  Truthfully I'm glad we missed the turn though.  I might have taken it given the circumstances but now I'm grateful we made it all the way together.

Hiking the Y seems to relate to life--a lot.  We start out and we are so excited and eager to begin.  We look up and see the destination but don't realize how much work it will take to get there.  And then it starts getting hard.  I wanted to quit.  Instead, I had my best friend by my side encouraging me to keep going and that we would do this together.  And we also have breaks filled with delicious peanut butter along the way.  (Remember how much I LOVE peanut butter??  Yeah... those little breaks in life are the finding joy in the journey thing!)  And then you reach your goal and you realize that you really can conquer difficult things.  I love that feeling!  I'm so grateful that no matter where life heads, I will always have my best friend by my side and peanut butter breaks a long the way!

Oh... and the world is SUCH a small place!!  We ran into a missionary that served in Casey's mission.  Crazy, right?!  It was really nice talking to them and getting to know them!

We stayed up at the top longer than they did.  When I saw them going down
(and the only people on the Y)
and then standing there all cute like, I had Casey take a picture.
And here are some beautiful landscapes for your enjoyment... :)
Our "Home Away From Home"
Looking Across the Valley
Sweet looking clouds and sunset!

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