Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Low Calorie Lava Cake

I am not kidding when I say I LOVE Lava Cake!  Um... AMAZING!!!  And it is SO weird that I love lava cake (some people call this fudge pudding cake but lets be honest, Lava Cake just sounds way cuter!) because it is all chocolate.  And I'm not a huge chocolate crazy person.  But chocolate cake with hot fudge on the bottom is incredible!  Add a scoop of vanilla cookie dough ice cream and well, lets just say that I'm pretty sure it is a piece of heaven on earth.  (However, heaven on earth comes crashing down when you order Molten Cake from Chili's and find out it has over 1,000 calories.)  This made the *best* FHE treat last night!!

L. O. V. E.
I have wanted Lava Cake for the longest time but could not figure out how to cut calories on the original recipe.  Everything in it was high calorie and I was pretty sure there are no substitutes.  Well, I recently stumbled on to a Hungry Girl version and once again found my heaven on earth.  I followed her recipe (click "recipe" to see how to make it yourself) fairly closely.  I used Nesquick sugar free chocolate milk powder instead of the hot cocoa mix and Pillsbury sugar free chocolate cake mix instead of the moist cake mix.  I also used 1 c. Pyrex bowls/ cups instead of the Ramekins.  HG's recipes are kind of confusing/ not always written the best.  (She needs to hire a FACS teacher--like me--to write recipes for her!!  Hello... that is what I will be doing all day--explaining recipes in ways students can actually understand.)  But whatever she lacks in writing is well made up for in eating.

P.S.  Serve this hot for the "lava" effect instead of a glob of pudding.  So either eat it right after taking out of the oven.  Or stick it  the microwave right before serving.  Your taste buds will thank you as you step out of the world and enjoy your heaven on earth break too! :)

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