Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Meeting Pink Team

Do you remember last January?  I was just starting my own "Biggest Looser Challenge" and weighed 77 pounds more than I do right now.  So weird to think how so much has changed in just over 5 months.  We are not big TV people and I didn't know if I was going to watch "The Biggest Looser" season 11 or not.  I didn't even know when it was on for sure.  But I started watching it.  And then continued to watch it faithfully throughout the season.  I definitely fell in love with the pink team--probably because they were LDS and I also felt like I was trying to loose weight for the same reason as Sarah.  I didn't know any one on the show (but I facebook & TBL homepage stalked them...).  I never thought I would meet them.  But it was nice to feel like I was in the same boat with them.  Struggling to loose weight and fighting to discover who I am.

Well, this past Friday, we had the opportunity to meet three of the Season 11 players!  Why?  Because I am facebook friends with Sarah and she said she was going to be in the area.  I convinced (fortunately, it didn't take very much) Casey into going with me and we decided to meet there.  He would take the bus on the way home from work (he always takes the bus) but just get off early and I would meet him there.  I decided to travel via bike.  Well, I got extremely lost.  Went up and down SEVERAL hills that I apparently did not need to.  By the time I arrived at the health fair, I was sweaty and hot.  So... ignore my hot/ sweaty/ bike helmet hair appearance....

We talked with Sarah and Denise for awhile.  It was kind of weird at first... I don't know how to interact with them.  I have only stalked them and looked at every picture taken while on the ranch now for several months.  They don't even know who we are.  Someone needs to teach me how to interact with famous people, ok? LoL!  Anyway both really are as sweet as they appeared to be on TV.  So caring and patient.  And willing to answer lots of questions.  (The biggest thing I was curious about was how was it being LDS and on the ranch.   Sarah said that everyone respected them --though not with their language so much.  They were really blessed because Moses and Justin were LDS to and had the Priesthood.  She also said that is was a very spiritual/ religious season.  Most people were very spiritual and before the weigh-ins they would all have a prayer.  It didn't matter who said it or how, they were just praying together.)

And... Casey was so excited to show me off.  We found a before picture on my phone and showed it to them and both Sarah and Denise were just thrilled for me.  Loosing 75 pounds since January is a huge deal and both were really impressed.  I thought it was kind of awkward to be announcing that but they of all people understand how hard I have worked to get here!

The third player from Season 11 that was there was Moses (grey team).  He was in an extreme hurry though and I was lucky to even get a picture with him--so much of a hurry that we didn't exactly have time to hand the camera off to someone else to get both of us in it.  Denise told him how much weight I had lost.  He was so impressed and told me I deserved a hug for all my hard work.  He hugged me, stood for a picture and hurried away to go somewhere else.

I always wanted to go on the Biggest Loser before this year.  Even though I had never really watched the show before, I knew what it was about.  I thought that going on TBL was the only way I could ever loose weight.  But looking at my life now, I'm grateful that I'm doing it at home--one day at a time.  I love that I have been able to be with my husband and I love that this is my life not just a dream-like place.  (I'm not trying to hate TBL with this--don't get me wrong, it is great.  But personally for me, home was the best choice!)  It was wonderful meeting Sarah, Denise and Moses!  I have loved watching them struggle through the show as I made the same struggles at home.  And seeing them now reminded me that I need to keep going and finish what I started!  :)  I still have ~40 more pounds to go until I will be at my goal weight.  And I totally am going to get there!!! :D


Lynette said...

Way to go Lisa! That is so great and you are looking fabulous!

Katie said...

That is so neat you got to meet some of the members from Biggest Looser! Way to go on your weight loss, from home, since January... best of luck with the last 40!! You go girl :)

Bridget said...

So cool that you got to meet them!

Becky said...

AAAHH you're so lucky you got to meet them! I love TBL, it's so inspiring. I had no idea the Moses and Justin were LDS, but it makes sense. They were my favorite guys there!

You're doing so amazing, and I know how frustrate you must feel only losing little numbers, but honestly, whenever I see the minus anything on your weekly weigh-in, I feel SO proud for you and I get goosebumps. Every time. You're going to get there, I have no doubt about it!

p.s. Congrats on hiking the y! It looks beautiful, but super hard!

Anonymous said...

Hi, just a quick comment to let you know that you should be writing 'loser', not 'looser'. I don't write this to embarrass you or anything, I just thought you might want to know :) I love your blog, thanks for writing! :)

Lisa said...

Thanks so much for your sweet compliments!

@Becky--the Y is way pretty. I would love to hike it in fall to see fall colors along the trail! :)

@Anonymous--this is why I didn't graduate in English! ;) Hopefully you can be patient with my mistakes! :D