Friday, June 3, 2011

No More Subbing... :)

Today was the last day for subbing!  YIPEEEEEEE!!! :D

It was so laid back.  The kids were not allowed in the building until the first bell ring.  And then they had all of the teachers stationed at assigned posts to make sure the kids didn't do anything naughty.  Not many kids came though--and really, who could blame them.  There was like nothing to do and school only lasted for an hour and a half.  Crazy.  It is SO nice to be done though!  Now onto my own classroom! :)

Even though subbing has been hard and/or boring--I have learned so much.  I know how to write good sub plans now because there were definitely some teachers I liked subbing for better than others.  My classroom management improved a hundred fold throughout this past semester.  There was an English teacher that I happened to randomly get to sub for and then she requested me back.  And I would go to her room every time I could because I loved it.  My discipline procedure is seriously going to follow this English teacher's because it was great.  I would be so lost/ struggling if it weren't for being in her classroom.  I learned how to let some things go because it was not worth the power struggle.  I have learned how to be flexible and adapt.

I like to think even the students I subbed for learned something... and hopefully more than just the lesson the teacher left.  I know one student did.  I just got a letter in the mail.  The teacher addressed the envelope for the student.  He wrote a very sincere apology letter for causing so many problems while I was subbing.  It was very thoughtful even though I don't remember the exact situation.  But he did and I'm impressed that he was willing to write a letter to tell me he was sorry.


I'm officially on SUMMER break! :D  (And I get to go sign my contract/ paperwork on Monday--then I will be officially a first year teacher!  Yeah!)

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