Friday, June 24, 2011

Playin' at the Park

For our FHE activity this week, we went to a near by park with our BYU frisbee.  The grass felt so soft between my toes--my flip flops were the first thing to go when we arrived.  There was a thrill running for the frisbee and trying to catch it.  And even more excitement when I actually caught the flying disk.  We were enjoying our family togetherness when some kid (probably 10 years old) came and sat and watched us.  He just sat there, turned his head back and forth watching each of us throw the frisbee.

Well, Casey accidentally (seriously) threw it to him and the kid could tell it was an accident so he just threw it back and then sat down and continued to gaze.  I then intentionally threw it to him and the kid was almost shocked.  He asked me where he should throw it.  I told him to whoever he wanted.  The kid was good.  He could throw the frisbee extremely far and straight.  At first he was really timid but I kept complimenting him and telling him how talented he was (I was not lying either!) and he warmed up.  He started smiling and enjoying himself.  We never learned the kid's name but we had a fun time playing together.

I learned a valuable lesson.  Everyone likes playing.  It doesn't matter how old you are, what color your skin is (the kid was Hispanic), what your purpose was, etc--everyone still likes playing and feeling included.  And, everyone likes to know that they are doing something well.  I have no idea but judging from the way the kid reacted to my compliments, I'm guessing he hasn't gotten to many before in life.  I doubt our frisbee throwing will have that much impact on the kid (then again maybe it did??) but it meant a lot to me.  What are ways I can be a little more kind with others or a little more helpful?  How can I help brighten someone's day?  And so now I'm searching day by day for ways I can be a little more Christ-like.  All this because of a frisbee and a stranger.

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