Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sleepless Nights

I am beginning to think that lesson planning is preparing me for a new born  baby.  (Not that a baby is in our near future.  I'm not pregnant--don't ask!)  I hear you wake up all the time with new borns and that is how I'm beginning to feel right now.  I wish my brain had an off switch.  But no.  I (normally) fall asleep fairly easily but then I somehow always start dreaming or thinking about lesson planning.  And then the excitement wakes me up.  (No, the excitement has --apparently-- not worn off yet.)  I try to go back to sleep.  It doesn't work.  I move to the couch to allow Casey to keep sleeping instead of me constantly tossing and turning.  Sometimes, I kind of fall back asleep on the couch.  Other times, I just get up and start planning.

Today was one of those just get up and start planning type of a mornings.  So here I was, wide awake at 5:30 in the morning.  Anxious to figure out my 7th grade lesson plans.  I still can't figure out why the 7th grade is taking so long!  I thought it would be easy because I had already taught nearly the entire thing while student teaching.  I missed most of the cooking and all of the marketing activities though.  And that is what I'm working on planning.  So I guess it makes sense that those two things take more time.  Hopefully the speed improves soon though as I finish the food & nutrition and marketing section.

And I can already tell (unfortunately) that tonight is going to be another one of those sleepless nights.  I try to ban myself from lesson planning after dinner time.  But tonight that failed miserably.  I am SO close to finishing this section and I just wanted to be DONE.  So I started working.  And I made major progress.  We are going to have a restaurant simulation.  The kids are going to apply for jobs (that is part of the standard that I'm supposed to teach them...?  Really?  I'm a FACS teacher and I have to teach about successful job interviews... um... ok?) and then make menus and advertisements.  Then the next day (and luckily last day of cooking) I will make job assignments, divide the class in half and then create our own restaurant with half the kids being guests and half employees and then we will switch.  I have no idea how this will actually work but it seems to go smoothly in my mind.  (And the school I was subbing at did something similar and they liked it so hopefully it will work at my school too!)

Well... here is to praying that I find my brain off switch tonight! ;)
P.S.  Sorry if this post is all confusing... I really am beyond exhausted but not tired.  ...sigh...

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