Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Students' Faith Builds My Testimony

Who knows what the "kneeling test" is?  In case you don't allow me to explain.  When you are wearing a skirt, the bottom of it has to touch the floor when you are kneeling up.  If the bottom of the hem touches the ground without tugging and sagging then you pass.  If not, you have to go back and change.  At least that is what happens when you are a counselor at EFY.  I *hated* making girls go back and change but I had to do it.

Anyway... why on earth am I mentioning all of this (other than the fact that I saw EFY kids walking all over campus and I miss it dearly... sniffle...)??  I had kind of forgotten about the kneeling test myself.  That is until recently.

The girls in my (subbing) 9th grade class really impressed me.  For their final sewing project, they could pick any pattern they wanted and then sew it.  Um yeah, it was kind of stressful for me because all of them struggled to read the instruction sheet.  Fortunately, several of the girls were all making the same skirt so I only had to figure it out once and then they could help each other.  As they were finishing and we were marking hems, a couple of the girls showed me how long they wanted the skirt to be.  It was about to their knee.  Modest for sure!  But these two girls had to be certain it was modest.  We pinned up the skirt where they wanted the hem and then they kneeled down.  In my class.  On the (let's be honest) not so clean sewing lab floor.

There the two of them were.  Kneeling.  And I'm wondering what they were doing.  Then they asked me if their skirt touched the ground because they each wanted to be modest.  Holy cow.  I was so impressed.  And I kept thinking about if their moms could only see the faith and testimony AND determination of these two to live it--not just say it, I bet it would touch them (the moms) too.  These two girls have always stood out from there (majority LDS) peers and now I know why.  They don't just claim to have a testimony or claim to live the church standards.  They actually live it.  Day by day.  In the way they talk, in the way the support others, in the way they kneel on the ground in front of their peers.  They would rather be beautiful to Him than popular with their peers.

I love Pres. Eyring's talk from this past conference that he shared at the Young Women's meeting the Saturday before conference.  He begins and concludes his talk with basically the same message.  "My beloved young sisters, you are the bright hope of the Church [in your testimonies and your choices].  My purpose tonight is to help you believe that is so.  If that belief can becomes a deep testimony from God, it will shape your daily and hourly choices.  And then from what might appear to you to be small choices, the Lord will lead you to the happiness you want.  Through your choices He will be able to bless countless others."  These girls really are the bright hope of the Church.  And I know their small choice to kneel on the ground greatly touched and blessed my life--if no one else's.  It reminded me of my desire to always dress modestly and made me curious if all of my skirts pass the kneeling test.  I think so.  But I'm going to check!


Becky said...

This story gave me goosebumps. I've never heard of the kneeling test, but I'm going to have to use it!

Also, you look awesome, and I love how excited you are about your definition! You obviously deserve it!

And lastly, I heard of a website today, and it made me think of you.
The recipes look amazing, a friend recommended it to me, and she said she uses it all the time, and everything she's tried has been good!

Haha I just read over what I all wrote...I hope you don't mind me writing to you like I know you, but I totally feel like I do!

Lisa said...

Becky... I LOVE it when you leave comments. I seriously feel like we are close friends even though we are not even in the same country. I think it is the gospel and our desire to live it that deeply connects us!

The kneeling test will prevent me from asking my darling hubby if my skirt/ dress is long enough. I don't think I am ever immodest but sometimes I ask just to make sure. Now I won't have to ask and I won't have to wonder.

That website looks delicious!! Thanks for sharing! I love finding new recipes that are amazing and low calorie! Thank you!