Monday, June 6, 2011


I signed my contract today! :D  I'm now officially a TEACHER!!!!! *squeals excitedly*

But... I thought part of teaching meant summer break.  I'm not seeing a summer break in my immediate future though.  There is SO much I have to do get ready for school.  I (1) need to work really hard on lesson prepping right now because I will have 3 preps.  Which, I'm certainly not complaining about 3 preps because it could be worse.  But that is still A LOT--especially considering right now I don't even know what the topic is of one class prep.  About the only thing I know about "Teen Living" is its supposed to be a fun class which I guess teaches good living skills?  Um... yeah... no idea!  (2) Make bulletin boards.  Ok so this is not a I have to or I will die type of a deal but I want my room to look welcoming to the students.  And even if I'm the only one that appreciates it, trust me, it will be worth it.  I need to be in somewhere that looks happy everyday because happy atmosphere = happy teacher.  (3) Clean out my room.  Make that two rooms.  I'm inheriting two rooms with tons of storage space or make that the potential for tons of storage space.  The teacher I'm replacing is leaving me practically everything; which, don't get me wrong, it is super nice and helpful BUT slightly intimidating when most of the storage is already filled.  (4) Visit the copy room and/ or send a copy request to the district (if I can figure out exactly what I want soon enough).  It may not make it to the district (that would be FABULOUS because then I wouldn't have to make copies the rest of the rotation) so that means I will have to be doing a lot more copying myself.  (5) Read through and pick an insurance.  YEAH we will have INSURANCE!!! :D :D  But holy cow there are A LOT of options.  I thought my choice was do you want insurance, yes or no?  I check the yes box and that is then end of that.  Wrong-o!  There are options and choices and plans and etc, etc, etc.

Despite having a very busy summer, I'm still so EXCITED! :)  It is going such a great experience for me and the kids (hopefully).  And there is so much potential in me, the kids, my room(s)... everything.  (And I'm looking forward to a relaxing/ school-free time over Christmas Break & next summer!  Because by then I will be a second year teacher and everything won't be so "new.")

Oh, and just in case summer does appear and I remember to do something other than teacher stuff, it will be spent... Packing.  Dejunking.  Cleaning.  Apartment hunting.  Moving.  Unpacking.  Cleaning.  Not exactly looking forward to this but... I will get to do it with my darling sweetheart!  EVERYTHING is always better when we are together and even the worst tasks (like packing) are doable!  So grateful I have him in my life!


Brown-Eyed Girl said...

that's super exciting!

hey, i've had experience putting up bulletin boards and could let you use some of my expertise if you wanted. just give me a day and a time and i will be there with some ideas, so long as you have the staples, lol.

Tiff said...

Congratulations. I'm so excited for you. :)
My bulletin boards were either my kid's work....or someone else's. (My mom did them at the beginning, or an aide, or a room mom.) I'm REALLY not gifted in that department. :)
BTW - Word of advice, if you don't do it this year - at the end of the year go through everything the other teacher is leaving you and if you didn't use it or can't see using it, get rid of it. You'll end up with a lot of stuff just to tote around otherwise.
Good luck! You're going to be great.