Saturday, June 18, 2011

To My Darling Weight-loss Supporters,

Thank you!  Thank you for reading and following and encouraging me as I started my weight loss journey.  I have really appreciated all your comments (both electronically and in person) and sometimes your support was enough to keep me motivated to keep working and to push harder.

However, the time has come where I am voting myself off The Biggest Loser Challenge.  Counting calories, exercising, loosing weight, etc was becoming an obsession.  I want it to be part of my life, not my entire life.  I will still be exercising every morning and eating healthy every day and (hopefully) still loosing weight.  The only change is I am not going to post weekly updates of my progress.  The biggest reason for this is because I want to focus my life on other things.  I will still be blogging about things I love, experiences, my testimony, yummy recipes, general daily life stuff, etc!  In theory (and hopefully reality), by not blogging weight loss, it will be one less way for me to be obsessive and instead focus on being healthy.

My advice to those of you that I have inspired to start their own TBL challenge:
(1)  always eat 1200 calories a day--this is for female.  I don't know if male would be more or not.  Sometimes it is tempting to think you can eat less and then have bigger numbers at the weigh-in.  But don't do it.  Your body needs energy to survive and you really do need calories.
(2)  try to spread out your calories evenly throughout the day.
(3)  I am not the biggest fan of counting calories and actually don't recommend it.  The calorie count thing is largest contributing factor to where I became obsessive.  Instead, eat healthy food.  Only eat when you are hungry.  Follow the MyPlate guidelines and keep your plate size smaller.
(4)  take lots of pictures before you start.  I didn't want to remember what I was like at my largest but now I wish I had more pictures to compare.  If you don't want to remember it either, just take the pictures and then never look at them.  But at least you will have them down the road, in case you ever decide you do want them!
(5)  Good Luck!  It is worth it!  Have fun and enjoy the journey!
P.S. I know there are several of you that hoping I will post more healthy recipes.  I am working on picking some of my favorite healthy recipes and will continue to keep posting delicious healthy alternatives!

P.P.S.  Please keep following even though the focus won't be on numbers every Monday.  I would love it if you copied our sticker to your blog and/or told others about Living Our Dream Life! :)


Julie And Adam said...

Lisa, you are so inspirational! If I weren't pregnant right now, I would be there with you! I am (before pregnancy) technically in the "obese" category for my height. It was really depressing. I've never weighed this much in my life. I started exercising and was really excited about it, and then I got pregnant. Adding on baby weight is tough, but you have inspired me to lose all I can after the baby. Thank you so much for all your posts! They help me (and I'm sure others) more than you know! Love you and keep up the good work!

Lisa said...

Thanks Julie! :) Keep eating healthy while you are pregnant and exercising as much as you can because I have heard of people that are able to loose baby weight quickly after birth. I'm very grateful to know that the posts have helped you! It has not been easy (and I'm still going) but it has totally been worth it!! I really like tip #3. Eat healthy instead of becoming an obsessive calorie counter!