Monday, July 18, 2011

Cleaning Closet Staple

Back when we were moving and my sister was helping to wash the walls, she told me about Magic Erasers.  I had heard of them before but never used one and didn't see the point.  She told me how they were amazing to use at camp.  I bought some the next day to use in getting rid of black marks on all of our walls.

I am a believer.  Every cleaning supply closet is not complete without having magic erasers in it.  Seriously.  It works wonders even when every other cleaner does nothing.  There were stains on our new counters--gone.  And black marks all over everywhere on the walls in our new apartment--gone.  I'm always going to keep these on hand--and can only imagine how much more I will love them once we have kids!

A few tips:
* I have never actually used the name brand of magic eraser.  Wal-Mart sells a brand for $0.87 for a box of two.  They work great and are SUPER cheap!
* It says you don't have to scrub on the box.  Sometimes that works and sometimes you do need to put some umph into it.
* Keep the eraser in one hand and a dry rag in the other.  As soon as I finish with the eraser (or sometimes during if it starts dripping), wipe down the area with the dry rag--kind of like the wax on/ wax off effect. :)
* If the paint job is terrible (like in our old apartment), the eraser will not only remove the mark but also the paint.  {I learned that the hard way.  The paint job there was so bad... like completely awful it was bad...}
P.S. Our living room is almost done.  I have two pillows to finish.  Both are more than half way done--I just need to do it.  And we need to hang pictures up.  That has been a dilemma because I can't figure out where to put them.  Hopefully soon I will take you on our living room tour. ;)


Lynette said...

Just a note...never leave these out for children to get to. They are extremely toxic to a child who eats them. Other than that they work wonders. I used to work at a daycare and you can get crayon off of walls, clean your stove, and get all the grim off of anything!

Lisa said...

That is really good to know. And it makes sense that they are toxic... the thing takes off everything so its not surprising it is probably dangerous.