Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cow Appreciation Day

The things we do for free food... {LoL!}  But it was an entire combo meal and believe me, we didn't do that much to qualify for it.  I cut out spots from black construction paper and hand drew our signs.  The printed our nose and ears.  Easy.

We were instant celebrities in the mall though.  Last year when we dressed up on Cow Appreciation Day, we were one of a gazillion or so to do it.  We lived in a college town.  And college kids are totally willing to do anything for free food.  But up here at the mall, spotting "cows" were far and few between.  It was weird.  The manager wanted to take our picture and then get us to stand by her cow and take another picture.  We were just like... "uh, we just want the order" and had no idea why we were so popular until we realized we were the only ones dressed up there.  The employees were drumming up business though and giving people ears and spots so they could qualify for the free meal.  We also walked away with stuffed cow animals--not sure what to do with them but they are cute!

I can't wait until we have kiddos and then we can go with our calves for free Chick-Fil-A.

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