Friday, July 15, 2011

Living Room Sneak Peak

I was just kind of done with our completely brown couches and not matching living room--at all.  In our previous apartment, the color scheme was "newlywed" and the furniture was crowded in.    Although most of our rooms are still on newlywed color scheme (meaning the color happens to be what was cheap/ free and not what really matched) we are attempting to make the living room match a little better.  We bought curtains and a rug and that is helping and moved the orange/yellow plaid rocking chair --covered with a blanket-- out!  The completely dark brown couches still needed help though on a tight budget.

Currently there is fabric spread all across the living room with some overflowing on the kitchen floor.  I have the iron and ironing board set up in the kitchen and the sewing machine in our second bedroom (aka office).  The office floor is also covered with fabric and scraps.  The reason: pillow makeover.

Here is the first pillow I finished.  :)  I love it.  Its fun and girly but not so girly that my hubby hates it.
Stay tuned for more pictures (before & after) and pillow tutorial links! :)


Becky said...

SO cute! I know the feeling of being bored with a blah house. We've been married 4 years and are still trying to figure out how to make the things we have look a little better! Making pillows is for sure one of my favorite ways. It's also one of the fastest and cheapest ways to makeover a room! Good luck with decorating, can't wait to see some more pics!

Anonymous said...

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Amanda said...

Cute pillow. I am trying to make pillows for my front room also.l

Lisa said...

Thanks Becky! :) The part I like the most right now about our living room is that it is clean and box free! :D Forget the color scheme--that is way better (for the current moment).

Amanda--your post about wanting to make a pillow is what inspired me to do it. I hadn't thought of it really and then decided that it was a FABULOUS idea! :D I decided not to do felt pillows because you were having a hard time finding the right color....