Saturday, July 2, 2011

One Busy Week

Picture taken on Wednesday.
As we were leaving our home together for the last time.
This week was an eventful one in our lives.  I was stressed and busy (and internetless for awhile).  Now that I have a tiny spare moment, I thought I would write about our goings and comings.  {FYI: after I finished writing this post, I realized it is CRAZY long.  I would write a little bit at a time for a couple of days...  Read as many details as you like!}

Monday seems so long ago it is hard to remember....  The morning started out with me driving up bright and early for a teacher meeting.  After that, everything is kind of blurry in my memory.  Packing and cleaning I'm sure were a huge part of my agenda!  I remember when we had family home evening, I was a little sad because it was the last FHE we would have in that home.  It was a bitter/ sweet moment.  I have learned so much and grown so much while we lived there.  It was hard knowing that we would be leaving.  Fortunately though, we left the physical building but the memories and lessons learned will stay with us forever!  And we have (errr... um... I guess had) the BEST duplex neighbors!  They invited us over for dessert just to say goodbye!  We had a lovely time chatting with them and enjoying delicious banana cream cake!

Tuesday... ugh, Tuesday.  We had to have EVERYTHING packed before we went to bed that night.  And believe me, I was definitely hating packing by the time the day ended.  Luckily we had already been working on it earlier and had several stacks of boxes before we even started anything that day.  Casey took the day off from work to help.  He called countless people in the morning changing our address with all our bills/ schools/ work/ etc.  (But that reminds me, I'm sure there are still more to go!  We should probably keep working on that....)

I was beginning to hate packing by about mid afternoon.  I wanted to just be done so bad but there was still so much to go!  About when I was ready to quit, my dear visiting teacher came over with cookies.  She brought her cleaning gloves and told me she was willing to do whatever needed to be done.  Oh bless her heart!  So together we worked on continuing to pack the kitchen.  I was wrapping everything fragile in newspaper (sidenote: we found a great use for the BYU school newspaper!!) and she was working on packing everything thing else that was still left.  It made the long process go so much faster.  By the time she left, the kitchen was successfully packed!  My heart is filled with thanks for her kindness!  Since the cupboards/ pantry were completely empty (it was just easier to pack everything than to try to save some things), we went out to Magleby's Fresh for dinner.  It is one of my very favorite restaurants and we had to eat there one more time before we left Provo!

Wednesday was filled with countless different feelings.  I woke up early and started cleaning as much as I could.  It was kind of difficult because all of the boxes/ stuff was still in the way.  My sister came over in the late morning and helped me start washing down the walls in our bedroom.  I was very grateful for her help!  Then my brother came with our rented U-haul truck and we started loading it up.  Our duplex neighbor was there helping during his lunch break and also a close friend from our ward (I actually visiting teach her and will miss her SO much now!) was washing (and by washing I mean hard core scrubbing--no idea how they got so dirty!) the blinds since she is pregnant.  Casey is apparently an amazing tetris player!  He stacked and arranged all the boxes and they some how fit together perfectly.  This was no easy task because all of our boxes are completely different sizes.  But since we got them for free, we didn't complain too much!

See the great puzzle piecing job??
While we were loading, it started raining.  Raining is an understatement.  It was like soak your clothes in just a couple of seconds type of a rain.  It was just a micro burst but we didn't realize that at the time.  We had no idea how long it was going to last so we started running stuff from the house to the truck.  I am sure it must have been rather entertaining to be a by stander and watch the loading process.

As we left, I was sad.  I felt homeless at that moment.  Even though we were not checking out of that apartment until the next day (I had to go back down and clean... but we will save that for Thursday!), it was no longer our home.  And our new place wasn't home yet.  We took one last picture together in front of our home (that picture is at the very top of this post... if it appears that my eyes look a little red, they are.  I was unsuccessfully trying to hold back tears.) and off we went--my brother driving the U-Haul and Casey and I each driving separate (loaded) cars.  Snowball was riding in my passenger seat.  I glanced over at my teddy bear while I was driving and thought I saw a tear in his eye too. ;)

We made a quick stop at a used appliance store.  Our new apartment has washer/ dryer hook-ups. :D  They had to go in the U-Haul because we had no other way to transport them if we did not want to pay the delivery fee.  I had been searching and searching online classified ads but with no success.  There were countless washers and dryers listed online but most of them were selling for about the same price as what the store was selling.  We went with the store because it came with a 5 month warranty.  There was not a huge selection but good enough.  So we picked one, paid for it and loaded it up.  Then headed off to our new home.

The kindness and generosity of the new ward we are moving into was so touching!  I think I counted at least a dozen or so men from the ward that came to help move things.  And my brother's best friend.  My heart was filled with gratitude for my brother and his best friend as they carried our washer and dryer across the balcony and up a flight of stairs.  And then watching everyone else help carry all the other super heavy stuff... trust me, words can not express how grateful I am for all the help!  I am pretty sure my sister, my mom and I would have died if we had to carry up ridiculously heavy stuff up the stairs.  And a huge blessing that night was when my dad showed up with pizza.  I'm pretty sure that I didn't even have the energy to go out to eat anywhere by the time we finished.

You never know how beautiful these things look in your own home
until you have to live without them....
We hooked up our washer and dryer and started washing dirty clothes (we had been saving them because we knew we would buy a w/d instead of going to the laundromat again) that evening.  I was so super excited when I woke up to clean clothes in my dryer the next day.  We also made our bed and other than that basically collapsed out of exhaustion.

Thursday.  Thursday.  {I'm trying to excite myself to write about Thursday....}  I'm pretty sure Thursday was one of the longest days of my life.  No joke.  Casey had to go back to work and our apartment was not clean.  I had to go back to our old apartment and clean the entire thing so we could check out.  I was really not looking forward to this because I was going to be alone cleaning our ENTIRE apartment.  Well, bless my dear friend's heart (the same girl who I visiting teach and was hard core scrubbing the blinds on Wednesday) she came over and literally spent the ENTIRE day with me cleaning--about 6-7 hours each.  Wow.  Her kindness and generosity and friendship--I wish there was something I could do to say thank you enough.

So I started with our bedroom since my sister and I had cleaned a lot of it the day before.  I oiled (mopped) our wood floor then moved onto the bathroom then kitchen and finally living and dining rooms.  We kept the fridge till last.  I honestly don't even know for sure what my friend was doing sometimes other than helping and cleaning.  We weren't always in the same room but when we were it was so nice having someone to talk to.  As the day grew on, we became quieter with a desire to just finish.  If it weren't for her though, I am certain that we would have lost our deposit because I would have run out of time when the people had to move in.

Once we finally checked out of our apartment, Casey and I then went over to my sister's apartment.  She failed her cleaning checks and was not able to reclean her apartment because she is a counselor at space camp and was at a camp.  I don't know how her apartment got so dirty.  Seriously no idea because she has only lived there a couple of months.  But we scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed.  My arm was going to fall off my body.  And one of her roommates let us use all of her cleaning stuff and I kept asking her if she thought things were clean enough and then we kept cleaning until she thought it would pass.  Finally we finished and we began our drive home! :)

Friday was fabulous.  I have heard that many people hate unpacking but for some reason I love it.  Seriously. I feel like a little kid again and I get to play house.  I get to put things where I want and decorate how I please.  (Currently, our decorating style is still boxes everywhere but we are working on changing that!)  When Casey came home from work, I eagerly took him on a tour and showed him all of the things I had organized and put away.  The best thing EVER--the dishes are washing themselves, the clothes are becoming clean and I am able to work on other things.  I have basically had both of them running constantly since we got here; it is finally slowing down!

I also took a break during the day to go watch "17 Miracles" with my parents.  I love that I am a close drive to their home now instead of a good commute.  I enjoyed the movie and would highly recommend it!!!  I'm pretty sure I will being seeing it again in the near future so I can watch it with Casey.

We ate at home this night and that was amazing!  Granted it was only canned chicken noodle soup but still it was at home and it was nice that I was able to find enough things that we didn't have to go out again.  Eating out was honestly kind of getting old.  It will be really nice next week when I can actually start cooking (and making healthy food) again!

We really are loving our new apartment!  This is the right place for us right now.
Thank you so VERY much to everyone that helped in anyway!

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