Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pillow Makeover: Which is Your FAVORITE?

So our living room pillows are finally done.  I made them all similar but different to create a unity and harmony feeling.  I love seeing them on the couches--well, I don't like one pillow and might be making something to replace it but for now I'm done!  Oh and as a note: please don't expect to see perfection.  Each pillows has flaws but is good enough!! :)  --It is just a good thing I am not turning these in for a grade in my sewing class at BYU, they probably would have failed....

Now, as I'm posting the different pillows--I want you to vote.  Leave a comment saying which is your favorite (and why if there is a reason).  I'm just curious.

I could have made up my own pillows but figured why re-invent the wheel when there are already 100s (probably seriously) of pillow tutorials online.  I searched and found tons I liked but then settled on these for whatever reason.  Since, the tutorials already exist--I will just link my blog to the one I looked at for inspiration.  Click on the blog title's name for a direct link to each tutorial! :)
--press CTRL and then click it to stay on our blog and have the link open in another tab... just FYI...

This project began by digging through all my leftover fabrics and then heading off to D.I. to get the cheapest (and therefore ugliest) pillows I could find.  I was able to make all 5 of the pillows for about $15 simply because most of the fabric was something I already had and Casey was grateful to see the scraps be used instead of just accumulating more.

I did all of my backs "envelope" style because I wanted to be able to take the pillow cases on and off.  It is a little more work but honestly not too bad.  (Sorry, I didn't take any pictures of it.)  I generally the instructions for how to make backs from Cottage Magpie.

Pillow # 1
I followed the pillow instructions (generally) from The House of Smiths.  The flowers are called Yo-Yo flowers and if you don't know how to make them, just google it.  I really like the way this pillow turned out!  I think I need to buy a bigger pillow for it though to fill the pillow case a little better.

Pillow # 2
Sorry the picture is so dark--I should have lightened it before uploading it.  So the before pillow was honestly not too bad--just boring.  I followed the instructions for the bow from E Tells Tales.  I don't know if you can see it or not but I "quilted" pieces and strips along the edges to make it large enough to fit.  See here is something I don't get.  I measured the pillows extremely well and was trying to follow the cottage magpie instructions for making the pillow case the right size.  Don't ask me why but it generally never worked.

Anyway... I love this pillow it is probably my SECOND favorite! :)  Are you thinking about which you like better so far?

Pillow # 3
For this pillow, I got the idea from Craft Gossip.  I ended up basically doing my own thing though and add the "quilting" trim again.  If it looks really wrinkly its because it is.  The applique/ satin stitch thing was not easy to do.  I like it but there are definite parts about this pillow that bug me because it is not up to my perfection level.  (The other pillows, the flaws are not so noticeable but this one just "screams homemade" as my BYU professor would say.  Whatever!)

Pillow # 4
For starters, this is the pillow that I might end up redoing.  I'm not liking the long rectangle size as much as I thought I would.  We'll see.

I got the idea from Floral Showers Crafts.  I bought an old girls t-shirt from the D.I.  And then cut and unpicked it apart to use the pieces I wanted.
Secondly.  I have a hate relationship with the pillowcase.  We are not even talking love-hate here--just hate.  It is such a cute idea to turn an old t-shirt into a pillowcase.  But believe me, it is a nightmare.  NIGHTMARE!  Ugh!  I have (1) sewn on knits a good deal before in my classes and (2) even stabilized it before sewing.  Nothing helped.  I ended up hand sewing a fair amount of this pillow because the machine and I were not on speaking terms with the knit fabric.  It was the last pillow I finished because it got so frustrating I had to set it aside for awhile--but I didn't want to end on a bad note.  This would be the only pillowcase that I would not recommend anyone try making.  The rest of them--totally doable.  This one--yikes!  If anyone does try this, use a thick/ heavy t-shirt... none of this girly frilly stuff and good luck.

Pillow # 5
Can you see the before pillow?  Yeah, it is scary!  It says "Fruits of the Spirits" in the center and then on the edge has lots of different characteristics.  Cute idea but I'm pretty sure there was a reason this was found at D.I.  (Sorry if anyone actually likes it! LoL!)

Anyway... the pillowcase instructions (which I actually followed pretty well this time) came from Keeping It Simple.  And allow me just to say I L.O.V.E. this pillow.  I love the huge flower and the cute background fabric.  And time wise, it honestly wasn't too bad to make!  This is definitely MY FAVORITE!!!

And there you have my pillow makeover! :)  Which pillow do you like the best?  Are you motivated to try to make any of them?


Jen and Wyatt said...

I like 4 and 5!!! They're all so cute though. P.S. I just clicked on your name and commented last time. I don't know how it I thought I was commenting on the white skirt post.

Becky said...

I love pillow #5, it's my favorite for sure. And an EXTREMELY close second is... #4! I love the ruffles, and the long rectangular shape, and the fabric colors and pattern. SO cute! Great job!

Marjie said...

#5! Great job!!!

Covey and Shani Ogden said...

#4 is my favorite! Way to repurpose! :)

Amanda said...

I like number 1 and 4. Way cute!

Brown-Eyed Girl said...

Not gonna lie, I LOVE the first one. And I LOVE house of smiths. She is just the cutest, isn't she? Have you been to U-Create ever? I use that as my jumping spot for craft blog searching.