Sunday, July 24, 2011

Remembering the Pioneers

I love Pioneer Day simply because it is a time to reflect back on those that went before us and reevaluate who we want to become.  (Not to mention the yummy barbecues and family get togethers and parades and fireworks--all things I greatly enjoy!)

My mom is 100% Mormon Wagon Pioneer.  On both sides of her family, her ancestors left their homes and belongings and made the trek West to find Zion.  On this side, I'm a 6th generation member of the church!  My dad is 100% Volkswagon Pioneer.  Let me explain.  Missionaries knocked on his door and taught his family the gospel when he was 13.  His whole family was eventually baptized (except his youngest sister who was not old enough.  She was baptized on her 8th birthday.) and started their own journey to Zion.  At the time, his family owned a volkswagon bug.

So what does that make me?  100% grateful.  I'm so grateful for the sacrifices made by all the family members before me because I am now 100% blessed.  I was married in the temple.  I know that families are forever.  I have a testimony.  I have religious freedom.  I'm working on establishing Zion one day at a time in our own home.

Yup, Pioneer Day (although not celebrated by most, except people living in Utah) really is a day for everyone.  Because we all have family roots that came before us.  And without them and all of the sacrifices they so freely made, we wouldn't be living the life we have today.  But more importantly, we can each be a pioneer in our own day because we will have people following after us.  I hope to leave a legacy for them that is worth remembering!

Happy Pioneer Day --to all past, current, and future pioneers!!! :)
P.S.  I have been working on making a Family Home Evening pioneer day lesson for newlyweds!  Check back soon (either later today or tomorrow morning) for my sweet lesson that teaches principles the pioneers practiced.

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