Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Santa sighting instead of Fireworks

We were looking forward to watching fireworks last night from Ensign Peak.  However, plans changed.  It started raining, like seriously raining and I didn't really want to become soaked while on the mountain.

So we head to McDonald's to use their Wi-Fi and look up which parks are having firework displays.  Liberty Park was and lucky for us, we were close.  We start driving towards the park.  It is still raining so we were hoping to find a place that we could watch from the car.  Well, the roads are packed.  People are parking in the middle of the street and then the cars are driving down the turning lane.  All of the neighborhood streets are completely filled.  There is no where to go and cars are everywhere.  So Casey decided instead of searching the streets to go to the park itself.  We see parking available!  Yeah!!  Now all we have to do is find an entrance.

There is no entrance.  My sister suggested that we just pick up our wheels and have Hank (the car) tip-toe across the grass and curb.  Casey wouldn't go for it.  We keep driving around the park (and this park is huge to say the least) and we finally see an entrance.  We are so close!  Yeah!!  Two, maybe three cars ahead of us before we got to the entrance, someone barricades it off.  What?!  The park is the only place with parking--why are they closing it?

We are running out of ideas.  The roads are still not moving anywhere and we can't park.  Plus, there are way to many super tall, thick trees everywhere.  So we can't see the fireworks from where we are at because the trees don't make great windows.  All of the sudden we hear the boom, boom, boom but see nothing.  We missed the firework show because of someone closing the parking lot and all the trees.  Lame.

By this point, Casey decides to just bag it and instead head home.  We still were not moving anywhere.  There were so many cars!  While we are waiting on the road my sister suddenly calls out, "Look there's Santa Clause" (with her window down none-the-less).  So I look to my right and sure enough, Santa was stuck in traffic too--trying to watch the firework show and instead watching break lights, like us.  We are all giggling and whispering and wishing he had his sleigh instead of car and wishing we could ride in the sleigh too.  Then "Santa" looks over at us and I turn to avoid eye contact.  Luckily, his windows were up and I don't think he could hear any of our comments but still, I was so embarrassed. I could feel his gaze shift away from us and we all turn back and stare and starting giggling again.  I wanted to take a picture but wasn't brave enough and my sister thought it was best that I respected Santa's privacy.

So yesterday, started with watching the Days of 47 parade and celebrating the pioneers and ended with Christmas in July.  It wasn't exactly what we had planned but still a great memory filled with laughter, no fireworks and Santa.

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