Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Special Delivery

Life has been busy for both of us.  Oh man I can only imagine how much worse it is going to get in another month when I start teaching....  And I have had a cold on top of trying to establish our home--box free and with cute pillows (hoping to finish them today!).  I told Casey that I was missing the sweet romantic things we used to always do for each other just because we were too focused on other parts of life.

Yesterday, he rang the door bell when he got home.  I honestly wasn't sure who it was because he seems to come home at a different time everyday so I had no idea who to expect when I opened the door.  And we have no "peep" hole (or whatever it is called) to check before you open the door.

So I opened the door and there was my charming husband standing there with...
I squealed.  Several times probably.  He said "Special Delivery!"  And then the night was filled with hugs and kisses.  It touched my heart and meant so much to me.  I love flowers and I love Casey so the two together are a perfect combination for this girl! :)

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