Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Speedy, Healthy Cake for Two

Tonight for dinner, I made one of Casey's favorite foods called Beefy, Cheesy, Tortilla Swirl.  (It is kind of like an enchilada casserole I guess.)  It was SO nice being able to cook again!! :)

After we finished dinner, I really wanted something sweet.  Hmmmm.... the question was what though.  I decided on microwave cake.  (Yes, microwave!  It is super fast--hence the reason for the "speedy" in the title--and still tastes fabulous!)  I used sugar free cake mix and Fiber One yogurt (thus the name for the "healthy").  Our microwave/ yogurt cake was (1) delicious, (2) super fast with very few dishes to clean, and (3) did not use the oven--thus preventing the house from becoming hotter.  This is definitely a winner! :)

yum... is your mouth watering yet?
1/2 c. sugar free cake mix (Pillsbury has a SF variety)
1/4 t. baking powder
4 oz. light yogurt (Fiber One is exactly this size)
1 T. egg beaters
1 T. water

Stir the cake mix and baking powder together.  Beat (I just whipped it by hand) the yogurt, egg beater and water into the cake mix.  Lightly spray 2 small microwave safe dishes (I used Pyrex bowls that were 1 c.  But it was iffy as to overflowing or not.  I might just recommend using mugs.) with cooking spray.  Divide the cake mix evenly.  Microwave individually on High for 90 seconds each.  (I had a microwave safe plate under the Pyrex dish.)  Let sit for a few minutes before eating.  Top with frosting, fresh fruit slices, etc (cool whip and/ or yogurt) if desired.  Prepare to have a happy tummy! :)

We ate ours without frosting.  When I make this again, instead of using a 4 oz Fiber One yogurt, I think I am going to try a 6 oz size but then reserve 2 T of yogurt.  And use that by it self or mixed with a little bit of sugar free cool whip for the frosting.

I used yellow cake mix, peach flavor yogurt and sprinkled in some pumpkin pie spice.  Delicious!  I also want  to try chocolate cake mix with strawberry yogurt.  The options are endless.  Some of the creative Yoplait flavors will be fun to experiment with!

Because I was afraid of it overflowing, I stopped it after every 30 seconds.  If you use a larger container/ mug, you could just let it go the whole time.  Start/stop makes it heavier because I interrupted the rising.

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