Monday, July 11, 2011

The Truth about my White Skirt

Believe me when I say I have a thing for white skirts.  We are talking L.O.V.E.
I think part of the reason I loved them so much is because I always wanted one.  It seemed like everyone (but me) owned a white skirt and I desperately wanted one.  We could never find them in stores.  We searched!  If they carried it, they would always be out.  I just wanted a white skirt and apparently it was too much to ask.

Well, one day 3-4 years ago, my mom told me she had a surprise for me.  I think she had just gotten home from a vacation but I can't remember.  She gave me a grocery bag.  I opened it to find MY WHITE SKIRT!  Oh my goodness.  I was so excited!  She had found a white skirt (and it was a super cute one!) and I was now the proud owner of a white skirt.  I ran into my room to try it on and then model it.  It didn't fit.  I tried and wiggled and sucked it in.  No.  It didn't fit.  I was now the disappointed owner of a too small white skirt.  I told my mom and she said it was the only size the store had and she was hoping it would work.  Unfortunately, my dream for having a white skirt would continue.

I could never get rid of that white skirt.  Even if it didn't fit.  It was still mine and white.  And it was cute.  I wished it would fit but doubted it ever would.  Well, fast forward to a week or so ago when I was unpacking some of my "too small" clothes box.  (At least all of our numerous boxes are labeled--making it easier to find/ unpack/ organize!)  I found my white skirt.  I held it up and wished it would fit so bad.  I doubted it would.  But figured I would try it on anyway just for kicks and giggles before I packed it up again.

Well... long story short...
I am now the proud and very excited owner of a white skirt that actually fits!!! :D  *squeal*


Trent & Tara said...

lisa oh my goodness, you are the amazing shrinking woman. fabulous job, you look so good and you are glowing. great job.

Erin Despain said...

Lisa, that's awesome!! That skirt looks so good on you!

Marjie said...

Lisa I love your white skirt and that is a really cute story!!!
I just ran into a similar, perhaps opposite problem. My mom bought me a cute white skirt some 2 years ago, and by the time it was warm enough to wear it, the invisible zipper broke. It costs a lot of money to have someone fix an invisible zipper, but I learned how to do it myself this year, so I went and did it! Well, lo and behold, I put on my skirt yesterday and IT IS TOO SHORT! I don't know if I gained weight, and now it has to sit higher on my waist which makes it too short, or I never realized it was too short because I didn't wear G's yet 2 years ago, or maybe I forgot that was another thing I had to fix. *sigh*
Good thing it's the kinda skirt that you can just add ruffles to the bottom to make it longer! Otherwise I'll have to give it to my sister, who is shorter than me.

Lisa said...

Thanks Everyone! I'm still surprised my skirt fits actually! I just tried it on like a month ago and it was still to small then....

@Marjie--I've added several ruffles to the bottom of things just to make them long enough. Fortunately, that isn't too hard of a fix! I want to see a picture when you finish it!! :)