Tuesday, August 23, 2011


So I am not kidding when I say I wish everyday could be like today.  That probably sounds slightly strange considering it is only the second day of school and the only thing I have taught for two days now is my disclosure.  I am sick of it and I am sure the kids are sick of them too.  Meeting all brand new kids today (my school is on block schedule) has been interesting as well--there are SO many names to remember...  Um... how?!  But anyway, despite the kids thinking I'm crazy because I make them practice procedures like entering and exiting my room and having to talk super loud because my microphone only works if I stand in one corner of the room, it has been an absolutely AMAZING day!

Let me back up to yesterday.  I was making Thai food for dinner last night.  I was cutting chicken and my hands were slimy when my sweetheart came home.  He was a little later than normal which was kind of odd but then again, he took the car instead of the bus/ train so I just assumed he got stuck in traffic.  No big deal.  Well, in walks my honey bunny with an arm behind his back.  He then surprised me with...
...simply to say congratulations on finishing my first first day.  I love flowers so this thoughtful gesture obviously made me squeal with delight and jump into his arms--being really careful not to get raw chicken juice everywhere.

Then this morning, I caught Casey writing on our white board.  He left a note stating that the flowers are not 'forget-me-nots' but rather 'remember me's, remember us.'  This has deeper meaning than most will understand.  I have not seen Casey since a little before 7 am this morning.  He won't come home until probably around 9 pm.  He has a refresher math course that goes well into the evening.  The timing of this was slightly hard for me to deal with because today was only my second day of school and I have no one to chatter non-stop to.  My best friend is gone and won't be coming home until near bed time.  But the flowers are 'remember me's, remember us.'  And although nothing can replace my hubby, the sweet flowers and note are a great reminder of his love.

I arrive at school and my classes were fabulous.  Seriously love the 7th graders because they are so willing to do everything I ask.  The upper grades take more effort on my part but everything seems to be off to a good start.  Well, during the middle of my second period today, a girl with a hall pass on, enters my room carrying flowers.  I was at first slightly irritated and was going to make whatever girl they were for put them away--where away was, I hadn't thought of yet--for the period.  There had already been so many distractions and this was just one more.  But surprise, surprise these flowers were for me.  I couldn't stop grinning.  Who these flowers are from, I had no idea.  The note attached said "From: the Teacher Fairy.  Happy first week of school!"  I don't recognize the handwriting and I know it is not my hubby's nor mom's.
So now I feel like a super lucky girl because I have flowers at home and at school.  I sure wish this could happen everyday... LoL!  But if it did, then they wouldn't be so special.

And, my day keeps getting better.  I was able to talk to Casey on the phone for a few minutes during lunch! :D  This was the first time I talked to him from my work to his work.  For the rest of lunch, I went to the Teacher's Room and talked with some other teachers.  I like feeling like I am beginning to make friends at work!  And then I found a cute little love note hidden in my bag from Casey.  I am willing to guess that that love note had been in the bag for awhile but I just happened to find it today.  Plus, the tech specialist came in and helped me rearrange my computer/ document camera/ etc and then install everything so it would work.  My room is way more user friendly now for me! :)

When I finally got home, instead of finding an empty house (remember Casey is at the math refresher course?), I found a party!
Party hats and candy and all!  It is ADORABLE!!!  I kept laughing/ grinning when I saw it.  Our teddy bears were apparently eating some of the candy because there are wrappers and spilled M&Ms but they also made sure to save some for me! :)  And they are holding a note saying they want to celebrate with me for completing my first day of school with all my classes.

Yup, I'm pretty sure if everyday was filled with as many surprises as today that I would be grinning from ear to ear all the time.  Unfortunately, we live in the real world and I won't get flowers and personal parties everyday... but I can keep smiling no matter what I face! :)


Anonymous said...

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Brown-Eyed Girl said...

so cute! That is so super thoughtful and nice and sweet and romantic and it's just so adorable!