Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Stepping Forward!

Remember my post from about 1 week ago about attempting to Fight the Plateau I was facing?  Well, I'm pleased to announce a step forward in my journey!! :)  Nearly all summer, I have seen the same number in the 10s place.  Yesterday, I finally saw 1 digit lower!  It was a super exciting moment for me and one that I have worked really hard to achieve.

Current weight loss: -87 Pounds

And I know everyone is going to want to see pictures.  I will work on that but no guarantees as to how soon.  My life is so busy these days trying to establish my classroom and work on lesson plans.


Jeremy B said...

Congrats!!!! I've hit some of the same plateaus and breaking through them is so relieving! Great job! I'm so glad I found your site - I'm trying your Key Lime Pie this weekend and have pinned a few others for the future! Keep up the awesome work!

Lisa said...

Plateaus are hard. It takes a lot of mental as well as physical to figure out! I should post more recipes I have made healthy adjustments for... I will put that on my mile long to-do list. ;)