Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Taste of School

It is back to school time.  I can't believe summer has come and went so fast!!  I was trying to figure out what happened and where it went.  And I remember.  Moving.

Needless to say, today was my first taste of school.  I would say it is more like dipping my toe in a super deep pool.  There is SO much to do between now and say a few weeks from now when the kiddos come bouncing back.  7th grade day is only a couple weeks away.  Um, yikes!

All of the first year teachers had an orientation today.  We went on a tour.  We learned the school rules and behaviors and procedures and how to work the copy machine and how to teach vocab and etc, etc, etc.  I can't remember most of what we covered.  But I got the important things down.  We can wear (school) t-shirts and JEANS on Wednesdays, always fan a new ream of paper before you put it in the copy machine, the door on my lock is stiff and you have to jiggle it a lot while using two hands to get in.  Oh.  And I have to have pretty bulletin boards.  But most importantly, I know my principal is extremely supportive and kind.  And I know there is a fabulous teacher right across the hall that I can send my problem children to/ ask for help.  And lastly, I know (well, at least hope) that the new PE teacher and I will be great friends as well--and lucky for me, the gym is also SUPER close to my classroom!  Yup.  The things that matter most--I'm set. :)  Hopefully the rest comes back to me as I study my scribbles and packets.

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