Saturday, September 3, 2011

the 2 minute phone call

A couple days ago, I felt like I should call home to a parent thanking them for sharing their student with me in class.  I thought it was kind of an odd feeling though because the student was not even in my class the day I called.  I was calling about the time before when said student was actually there.  But I made a decision long ago to follow through with promptings from the Holy Ghost so I figured out the phone number and dialed.

"Hi is this {fill-in-the-blank name}'s mom?"
"This is {fill-in-the blank name}'s FACS teacher."  
(as soon as I announced who I was I could almost hear the dread silence.  What happened?  Now what has my student done?  How many more punishments can I come up with?  You know the heavy sigh I am talking about.)
"Um, I'm actually calling to thank you for sharing your student with me.  He/she was not here today and I missed them.  But I just wanted to tell you about what happened in class last time.  I have had some struggles in the past but last time was amazing!  Your student was quiet and respectful and on task.  I am just really grateful I have the opportunity to get to know your son/daughter and I really appreciated his/her behavior last time."
(pause.  Long pause.  I could feel the air change.  Shock is the best word to describe the sound.)
I can't remember exactly how the parent responded.  But it was filled with gratitude.  I found out the student was suspended (hence the reason he/she was not at class that day) and it meant the world to the mother knowing that someone appreciated and thought highly of her son/daughter.

My 2 minute phone call changed that mother's day.  And I am sure it affected my student.  I decided I can spend 2 minutes a day calling home to praise student behavior if it means so much to them.  So I started looking for more students that were working hard and are amazing.  And then I let my fingers start dialing--and you want to know what the results were the same:
First response upon learning who I was: dread.
Second respond: shock.
Third response: gratitude.
What can you do for 2 minutes a day that will touch someone else's life? :)


Brown-Eyed Girl said...

That is so sweet of you! It will mean a lot to them if you go to their sports games, too. Not all of them, but a few, and yell loud for those in your class.

Becky said...

Hey Lisa!
I`ve missed you so much too! Thanks for the note the other day, it was nice o get a message that wasn`t about meetings and lesson plans!
I`m seriously drowning in prep work, but I`m ready to start teaching full time. I`m pretty bored during the days right now because I only get to teach an hour a day. But next week, I teach twice a day, so it`s one more hour a day that will go by quickly!
I`ll try to update my blog soon to fill you in on all the details of everything!
Talk to you soon,