Friday, September 16, 2011

Purpose of Music: GO COUGS!

Sometimes when kids come in, I will have music playing.  Other times I used it as part of my lesson.  Sometimes I play relaxing music to keep them calm and quiet.  Music can be used as a timer or transition.  Really music off youtube is great for almost everything in my classroom.

But today.  Today it had one purpose.  Indoctrination.

I think I played it at least 2-3 times during each period; plus another 1-2 during the hallway passing period. And... allow me just to say...  I miss happy valley.  Up here BYU is definitely in the minority.  But I wouldn't let my kids put it down or me down.  I told them that since I was the only adult in the room with a college degree, I got to pick the music.  And if they chose to go to the rival school, that is great.  I hope they do go to college.  But for today we are supporting my alumni!  :)


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