Tuesday, September 13, 2011

student comprehends; I experience shock

After most of the kids had left today, I ventured out to the hall way to get a paper or something.  I can't remember.  Anyway, I saw one of my students and noticed that her arm was wrapped up.  So I stopped to talk to her and I impressed myself because I actually remembered her name.  (This is SO hard for me.  I pray everyday to be able to name my kids one by one.  I think I witnessed an answer to my prayer today the way I was able to place her name completely out of the blue.)

She told me that she was making top ramen in the microwave (sidenote: the microwave??) and when she was getting it out, it burnt her arm.  Then she proudly told me that she treated the burn the way she had learned in my class.  Wait.  Hold up.  You were actually paying attention when we went over all the basic first aid treatments??  AND you were able to apply what I taught you to real life??


I seriously about died from shock.  That is like my dream as a teacher to actually be able to touch the future--not just try to cram in info for a test.  I finally see hope.

My teaching career is complete (for today) as we know it.


Becky said...

Haha that's awesome! Good work, teacher!

I, on the other hand, received a comic strip from a student wherein he shot me because I asked him to do his homework. Great! LOL He's a nice kid and all, just needs to realize what boundaries are and what's inappropriate... Tomorrow, we will have a little chat!

Lisa said...

Thanks! :D

You should report that. It goes beyond a little chat. At my school that would FOR SURE be a referral and probably suspension of some sort. Don't take it lightly--even if he was just kidding... sigh... kids.

Becky said...

I showed it to my host teacher and she said she would handle the situation. She held on to the evidence and the student has to re-do the assignment or it will be taken to admin. And he had to apologize to me.

It was so awkward. I hate the whole discipline portion of teaching... guess I have a lot to learn!

Lisa said...

I hate the discipline thing too. One time, I thought something wasn't very serious and wasn't going to do much about it. But then the administration found out about it and came down and got my student and checked him into ISS (in school suspension) for the day. I felt so bad because apparently I didn't take things serious enough and the vice principal came down to me to find my student.

From that time, if I'm in question, I report it and then they can tell me if it is not serious or not.