Sunday, October 23, 2011

Follow-Up to Summer Goals

So remember about 7 months ago when I made a long list of my "Summer Goals?"  I decided to write a follow-up post to it and check off the things that we accomplished.

~Summer Goals~
*Two more states added to our list... bringing the grand total of states we have been to together to 4! :)

* We did NOT end up going to an amusement park. :(  However, we went swimming at a pool that had two huge water slides.  We ran up the stairs so many times that my legs were feeling it by the end of the night.  It {almost} counts.  I guess we still have something to look forward to next year!

* No 5K.  Every time I would go seriously running outside my feet, legs, back, hands, you name it, would be in major pain.  I decided exercise is not supposed to be a miserable, painful experience so I gave this up.  Instead I kept training with The Biggest Looser for Wii, riding my bike and going on walks.

* We went to Iron Mine Campsite and had a marvelous time.  The only downside was because of ALL the rain we got in late spring, several of the hiking trails were still flooded.  We made the best of it anyway.  And I know the picture already says this but allow me just to emphasize.  I am seriously majorly addicted to campfire popcorn.  We had no idea what we were doing and quickly decided to cover the pan with a tin plate--good idea because shortly there after, it started popping and it would have been all over the place.  I am SO, SOOOO excited for another campfire when we can make this yummy treat again!

* We went swimming.  I did not go every day like I had hoped but we at least went!

* Lesson planning for sure happened.  I was totally motivated in June and August.  July I did almost nothing.  Funny how as much as I planned though, I still feel completely behind.  We also spent some MAJOR time cleaning and CLEANING my classrooms--as well as decorating.

* We moved.  It is (1) a lot of work and (2) super expensive so we hope to stay put for a long time yet.  I love our new apartment!!!  Our ward is very sweet.  We have very well covered parking--no more scraping windows, our own washer & dryer, a second bedroom, AND a storage shed.  Yup, totally living the dream life right here!! :)

* July was filled with parades and fireworks in celebration of Independence Day and Pioneer Day.  Fireworks are one of my favorite things to watch--and it was even better that we could see a HUGE show right from our balcony!

* And it was so nice to catch up with my little sister again.  We had her over for dinner several times--I'm pretty sure she ate more vegetables at our house those few times than she probably ate the entire year at college... LoL!  We went to iWorlds on a mission with her being part of the crew, painted each others' toes, ate more snowcones than I care to admit, walked around fairs & watched fireworks, watched movies, had a sleep over and she helped us move.  Golly I miss her... Julie--hurry up and finish your degree in your far away land so you can live close to us again!

~Other Summer Fun~
* Hiked the Y, Ensign Peak, Ceret Lake (which ended up being more like boulder hopping) and other random trails.

* Probably went on a weekly picnic--if not daily sometimes, enjoyed several long bike rides together, played tennis and many other active/ outdoors activities.

* Met The Biggest Looser season 11 pink and grey team and I continued to work on my own TBL challenge.  AND my hair under went some drastic changes.

* We listened to a concert at the BYU bell tower and ate J Dawgs--two must do's before you leave Provo.

* Vacationed in St. George which included several ice cream splurges, visiting the temple, shopping, eating out, and sleeping in a motel.  (Sidenote: this was actually fall break but whatever...)

~It was 100% a WONDERFUL summer.  I'm so grateful we have so many wonderful memories to cherish!!!~

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