Friday, October 7, 2011

Its the Little Things

I have been thinking about the little things.  Little things have the power to change a cloudy day to a sun shining in your soul day.  The little things can get you out of your grumpy pants and into you happy face.  Little things don't just make a difference--they are the difference.

Little things I'm grateful for:

  • Being able to control the heat in my classroom.  When most people walk into my room, they assume the heater has one setting--blasting hot.  But really, I have total control over it.  I call it opening and closing the window.  I'm grateful for heat.  But I'm really grateful for a window!
  • Jackets.  A simple thing really.  But when you had to face yesterday with no blasting heat, a window that was stuck open (luckily the janitor came and fixed that fairly quickly!), the first snow of the season, and only a light windbreaker about 3 sizes too big, all of the sudden, jackets are your favorite thing.  I now have two jackets just hanging out in my closet at school--just in case.
  • Going lab shopping with my mom.  Ok.  Lets be honest.  Shopping for my classes for labs is not my favorite thing.  But when I get to wander around the stores with my second best friend and chatter non-stop, it really isn't so bad anymore.  And it gets even better because she volunteered to go back to my school and help carry in all the groceries.  Score!
  • Waking up cold.  I'm so done waking up in the middle of the night and sweating.  I would try cranking up the fan but then the extreme wind tunnel noise would prevent me from going back to sleep and so I would lay there and sweat.  Last night when I woke up cold; simple fix.  Quickly spread the blanket--which was right by my bed, I was prepared for such emergencies--over me and back to sleep I fall.
  • Microwave Cake and Little Cesar's bread sticks.  Confession--I ate both today.  And not something that is really helping me to slim down at all.  But there are days when school is long.  The faculty meeting is long.  And then there is still a ton of things to do before I leave for the weekend.  Yup, pretty sure days like today call for a nice break from life.  And breaks include (but are not limited too) cake, bread sticks and girl time with one of my teacher friends.  (She is a first year too and so we can empathize together!)
See... life really is about finding the little things and then cherishing every moment of them!


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