Sunday, October 23, 2011

Living a BUSY Life

Um... since when did I become a once a week (if that) blog writer?  What happened?!

Well, teaching sure keeps me busy.  There are so many thousands of hilarious stories I wish I could share but can't.  Everything I post, I make sure I am ok with all my students, parents of students and the whole world reading.  If I think someone would have a problem with it, I don't share.

Anyway... to add to my lack of posting, it was fall break this past week and we went on VACATION!  It was SO nice to break away from the business of life and to just enjoy being together again.  I remembered how much I love being with my handsome hubby constantly and holding hands all the time.  I realized, my hand missed holding his but our time together is limited and we generally don't hold hands while we are eating dinner.  I also enjoyed eating out and snacking on car munchies and splurging with lots of ice cream.  I did however pay for this with about a 3 pound gain from the past week.  Oh well.  I only have one fall break a year!!  I will have to post pictures about this (hopefully soon).

We have also been busy decorating for Halloween and enjoying the deliciousness of fall--meaning pumpkin.  I have found several amazing pumpkin treats--some not so healthy but some are very healthy--another post I should write about.

And that is about all the time I have right now.  We are off to regional stake conference.  I decided yesterday night that adults still have firesides too.  It is just that we call them adult stake conference instead of the cute "fireside" phrase for youth.

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