Saturday, October 29, 2011

Our CORNY Date

We decided it would be fun to go on a theme date.  For the entire month, I was desperately wanting to wander around a corn maze.  I'm not sure they are Casey's favorite thing in the world but he obliged because I was so excited.  So that left me with the choices of either CORN or MAZE for the theme.  We went with corn.

To start our date off, we had CORN chili and {mini} CORNbread muffins.  --As a sidenote: the mini muffin pans were a birthday gift from Casey.  I was super eager to try them out.  They are adorable but needless to say we each probably ate 10.

While we were eating, Casey kept cracking CORNY jokes and we even managed to take this CORNY picture.  Don't laugh too hard--just feel honored you get to see it.  When we turned the camera around and saw we both got a really good chuckle.

For dessert I made candy CORN pudding.  I know it is kind of hard to see but it was actually really fun because the bottom layer is yellow then orange then {a slightly oversized serving of} whip cream

And finally we made it to the CORN maze.  When we left our home, it was still cool/ cold outside and cloudy/ overcast.  So I bundled up.  Needless to say, the sun came out and I never used my coat.  I just kept it tied around my waist--awesome sidenote: I could actually tie it around my waist!!  That was pretty exciting business.  Here is my suggestion though, don't ware crazy thick sweater tights under your jeans if the sun is shining.  My legs were cooking.  Anyway, while in the maze, we only got 50% on the CORN trivia game.  Oh well, it was still good enough to win us free ice cream!

We had a marvelous CORNY date.  And who knows, it might be continued tomorrow or Monday as we watch a CORNY movie and eat popCORN.  LoL!
P.S. We had so much fun with this maybe next time we will have to pick a different them like CHEESE or something. :)

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Jeremy - 105 lbs Down! said...

I love reading your blog because you guys are so much fun! I think it's great you took healthy eating, had some fun with it AND paired it with a physical activity (even if it was wondering around a field)! That's great stuff and very inspiring! Dieting and exercising is so difficult - and I really do think the key to making successful changes like you have made is to keep it fresh, exciting and fun! Way to go! Love it!!!!!!