Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Close Fairy Encounter

Please forgive the terrible picture...
My fairy came again today. :D  Thank you my dear fairy for your thoughtfulness!!!  The bouquet/ arrangement is BEAUTIFUL and something I will treasure every Thanksgiving season! :)

Here is the irony.  Apparently, you came into the office today during my prep period.  And guess where I was, in the office.  But I didn't see you.  I didn't even know you were there until one of the aides handed me a bag.  I was sitting on the floor by the secretary.  You see, I like being up in the office but I decided my to-do list was way too long so the only way I would go up there was if I was working on something.  Then I could be with friends and still be productive.

So, I was working on making a worksheet for my students to learn the sewing machine parts.  I copied the diagram out of the instruction manual and was then whiting out everything the kids were not allowed to touch. And then I was handwriting the questions for my students to answer.  About the time you came I was commenting about who makes worksheets by hand anymore and that this takes WAY too long.  (Maybe you saw me working on the floor--which I can explain why I was on the floor.  I was kneeling by the desk for awhile borrowing white out, Sharpie, pen and tape to make the worksheet.  But my knees started hurting way too bad.  And there wasn't another chair and I didn't want to have to walk back to my classroom because I had to keep copying and cutting to make this assignment.  So the floor it was.)  So anyway, I didn't even hear you ask for me because that was the time I was talking to the secretary and feeling kind of silly for one being on the floor and two making a hand written worksheet.

As the aid placed the bag beside me, I leaned back trying to see you and I saw nothing.  I was tempted to run to the window like a little kid watching for Santa but decided I didn't want to ruin the fairy magic.  So I sat on the floor and oohed and awhed at the harvest flowers.  It is SO pretty with buttons sticking out and beads.  And the fall colored leave table runner is so realistic and so colorful.  I love them both!  I decided to take them home instead of leaving it in my classroom.  First of all, I didn't know a great place to put it in my room and second of all, I didn't want to take a chance of my students doing something to it.  I seriously will treasure this for countless years to come!

Thank You My Fairy!  You have a way of making hand written worksheets not seem so tedious.  And super long and stressful seventh grade cooking labs (but overly exciting and delicious for the students) not be such a burden.  And the dreaded fact that I always stay WAY after my supposed contract time wasn't even so bad today.  Thanks for brightening my spirits and for loving me so much to do small things that mean the world to me! <3

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Becky said...

Beautiful! I need to get me a teaching fairy... lol

You deserve it, I'm so glad someone in your life has the time and means to keep on showing you you're loved! :)