Friday, November 4, 2011

The Hand Washing Dilemma

I feel blessed.  I have two separate classrooms and a huge office.  Space is definitely something I am blessed with.  I also feel blessed because I have 8 sinks in one classroom and 1 sink in the other.  I also have hand sanitizer in both rooms.

On a regular day I will wash my hands probably around 6 times--more if I am doing a demo.  And every time I walk out my classroom or have to touch my hallpass, I put hand sanitizer on.  First of all, who knows how many germs are growing on the hall pass.  More than I want to count because I can only imagine the places my hall pass has visited and what the students have done to it.  Um, actually, I don't want to think about that for too long!  You see, I am doing everything I can to stay healthy because I would way rather just be at school then to have to figure out sub plans!  So I decided every time I walk out my door I would put on sanitizer and rub while I was in the hall for hall duty or rub while I was walking to the workroom to make copies or rub while I was leaving to go shopping or rub just to rub.

And so far, so far my germ attack has worked.  The kids come in with sniffles and they keep them to themselves.  I {knock on wood} have not gotten sick this year so in this regard, I plan keep up my soap scrubbing and sanitizer rubbing game plan.

So here is the dilemma.  My hands are cracking.  My knuckles are burning.  My hands are bright red.  I currently have Aquaphor Advanced Therapy Healing Ointment soaking into my excessively dry but clean hands.  This stuff is slightly overpriced but a little goes a long way and I love the soothing feeling.  Definitely something worth the investment.  But I can't keep this stuff slathered all over my hands at school.  It is like a jelly and it doesn't rub in.  Or maybe it is supposed to rub in but that just proves how dry my hands really are as little is absorbed.  Plus, if this stuff is all over my hands, how will I keep them clean?  So that is the real dilemma nasty illness or ouchy hands.  And it seems that ouchy hands are winning because at least that is only two smalls things that hurt rather than my whole body.

If anyone has any brilliant ideas to keep killing the germs and prevent the cracking, I would love to hear your advice! :)


Julie Anna said...

I have a mary kay Satin Hands set. It is kinda pricy, but it keeps my elbows soft. Maybe you could get some too.

Amanda said...

I have that same dilemma working at a health clinic. Patients ask how I don't get sick all the time, I tell them good handwashing. Winter and washing my hands 50 times a day I have dry sore hands. :(

Anonymous said...

I would recommend slathering your hands in Vaseline and sleeping with socks over them at night. It will help to rehydrate your hands each day. They will still get dry from the sanitizer but hopefully it will prevent cracking and pain.

Tiff said...

I would run into the same problems (although you probably have to actually wash your hands more often than I did.) Try to use hand sanitizer over actually washing your hands whenever possible and try to find a hand sanitizer that comes in a lotion or something like that. I remember fighting the same battle as the germs came in. I also kept around a bunch of the lysol wipes. My kids had to wipe down their desks once a week (don't know if this applies in your situation) but you could make it a point to wipe down the hall pass once a week.
Hope that helps! :)

JandS Morgan said...

Use cetaphil everytime you wash or sanitize. I love that stuff.

Lisa said...

Wow, I never would have expected so much love for my hands. You guys are the best!

@Julie--the Satin Hands sounded familiar. So I searched our closet and found one. I only have the lotion so I am not sure what the set is. Don't ask me how I randomly have that sitting around, I don't know! But it is going to school with me now.

@Tiff--The district provides the hand sanitzer so I just use that since it is free. It is cloudy though so it makes me believe it is some lotiony type. I like your idea of wiping everything down with Lysol. I think I am going to implement that! My hall pass is a green hunting vest. I'm not sure how to wipe it down.

@JandS--I thought Cetaphil was a face cleaner? Do they make a lotion too? Do you buy it in the same place as the face cleaner?

Patrick, Adrienne, & Bella said...

there is this stuff called binky spritz. yep, it was designed for binky's for babies. but it's an all-natural, alcohol-free sanitizer. i use it on our hands and it works wonders! it has some citrusy stuff in it. i got it from they usually have an archive you can go through, but it isn't open right now. however, they have a store/boutique on california ave in slc and they might have some there. good luck!!!

Paige said...

Avon has this amazing lotion that comes in little bottles for each season, or you can order it in big bottles. here is a link