Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Occasional Blogger

It is so sad when I realize that I truly fall into the category of "The Occasional Blogger."  Especially because I enjoy writing so much.  But there is only so much one can do when you stay every night till crazy late trying to get things ready for the next day and then have to make dinner, clean, etc all before our early bed time arrives.  But here are some random thoughts to catch you up to speed.

  • Sometimes I wish I was paid per hour instead of on a salary.  The joke among all of the other first year teachers, who stay just as late as I do, is we would be making the most money and the teachers close to retiring--yeah they would be the lowest because they leave so close to contract time.
  • My impromptu teaching skills are improving.  While I was teaching how to thread the sewing machine, I realized that I couldn't have 40 kids stand around me and see.  I have a document camera but it doesn't work for demonstrating because it is mounted and without a flexible arm.  What can I do with half the class that keeps them occupied because I have nothing copied or planned ahead for such circumstances.  While my students were doing their self-starter, I ran (literally) to the office and grabbed some white paper.  I had them make cards for their teachers.  They all enjoyed it, probably more than the threading part.
  • With the card making business, I wasn't expecting any of the kids to actually make them for me.  That thought had honestly not crossed my mind and it surprised me when they gave them to me.  I now have a cute little bundle of cards declaring how much the (1) love cooking or (2) love me as a teacher.
  • The reason the cards for me came as such a shock... well, lets just say that the day before (different class) I had some major issues with one student in particular as well as that class in general.  I have always struggled with that class.  I don't think many of those kids like me.  And I guess I just thought that all of my students were in the boat of not liking me--it was nice to be proved wrong!
  • So anyway... exciting news with Casey.  He is working really hard and studying a ton but the results are paying off.  He is doing so well in his classes this semester!  He keeps earning over 90% on most tests with some even being 100%.  And the best part, because he quit his job, we actually have some time to be together.
  • We celebrated our two year anniversary.  I posted this on my facebook but our anniversary is seriously my favorite holiday.  It is the day we get to celebrate us.  Our love continues to grow stronger everyday and I'm the luckiest girl in the world to have such an amazing best friend.  We went down town and ate at the Lion House Pantry--allow me just to say that I am in LOVE with their rolls.  Then we watched "Savior of the World" at the Conference Center Theater.  That play is breath-taking.  I really loved it and would absolutely recommend it to anyone searching for a Christmas play this season!!!!!!
  • On our actual anniversary (Monday) we both went to work/ school.  Life has to go on when you get married mid-semester....  But the evening was special.  I got Casey "17 Miracles" and told him that we have the greatest love story and that he was my #1 miracle.  He got me "Tangled" and declared that he hopes we always stay tangled up in love.  So funny that we both picked movies for our anniversary gift this year.  There was no discussion before hand about it.  Then we went out to eat at "The Cheesecake Factory."  We had never been there before and had a lovely time.  The best part was simply being together!!
  • Speaking of rolls earlier, my sister stopped at Blue Bird Cafe in Logan and brought home several dozen.  These rolls are incredible.  We discovered the place on our honeymoon and maybe that is partly why I love them so much because they hold such wonderful memories.  But they also are delicious.
  • We continue to exercise every morning.  I like seeing the progress I make and realizing things that used to be difficult are now easy.  It is funny listening to my students' reaction as they look at my wedding picture on my desk and then at me.  All of them are shocked when they realize how much weight I have lost.
So no promises on when the next post will be....  Hopefully sooner than later!  Maybe more to come this weekend as I enjoy my student-free life! ;)  

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!  I know I personally have so much to be grateful for this year!



Jonessa said...

We need to see recent pictures! I'm so proud of all the hard work you do. You inspire me to work out and be more healthy.

Becky said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you have an amazing weekend filled with family, food, and rest. And NO students! lol

i know how you feel about the lack of blogging. I've been SO bad at it lately. But there's an end in sight! Christmas break starts in less than 4 weeks!