Thursday, December 15, 2011

Accidental Discovery

The only good part about being cold in the winter is the abundance of Hot Chocolate.  I recently found some individual packets that are fat free and around 25 calories or so per glass.  Pretty sure I'm on a at least weekly visit (if not daily) with this amazing warms my fingers and soothes my soul drink!

I made an accidental discovery with Hot Chocolate the other day.  Mine was too hot--like burns your tongue and you can't taste it hot.  I should have watched the timer a little better.  Oops!  But it turned out to be one of those blessing in disguise type of a moments.  I wanted to put some (fat-free) whip cream on top to help it cool down.  But we didn't have any so that option was out.  Instead, I saw the container of egg nog and decided why not.  It was perfect.  The best "too hot how can I cool this down" discovery yet.  And one that I have since purposefully recreated.  Seriously, my friends, if you like egg nog and hot chocolate you HAVE to try this!  Trust me, your mouth will thank you as you savor every sip of this delightful creation!

And for your enjoyment, I thought I would share a classic Hot Chocolate clip.
Happy Hot Chocolate with Egg Nog splash drinking! :)


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