Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Magic of Christmas

Christmas is all about the magic of doing something for someone else without them knowing.  It is looking at beautiful Christmas decorations and realizing that this season really is happening.  {Sometimes it is easy to forget that anything happens outside of teaching....}  It is taking the time to make something gorgeous and then giving it away to someone whom you love dearly just to spread Christmas cheer.

So to my dear Teacher Fairy... thank you!  Thank you for brightening my classroom and making the next 11 days be filled with Christmas magic instead of wishing the time away.  Thank you for making me excited to go home everyday just so I can see a beautiful wreath reminding me that someone loves me deeply.  I love both of your sweet, beautiful, thoughtful wreaths and can not even begin to thank you enough.

Small wreath hanging up in my classroom
(Thank you Teacher Fairy!)
Large wreath (really it is much bigger even though the pictures look practically the same)
hanging up on our door at home.
Fairly certain we have the most BEAUTIFUL door in the neighborhood!

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